Thralls falling through frozen water

game mode: single player on PC

the bug with thralls falling through building pieces seems to have been patched, in my game at least.
But what was my surprised after having left and come back to my base built on ice.

Step 1: place thralls on frozen water and constat that they are placed correctly (they stay where they are supposed to be and don’t fall through anything)

step 2: go somewhere else on the map with your character

step 3: come back to see that SOME of your thralls are half way glitched in the ice.

note that if you place them back correctly they don’t fall through the ice again, but for how long, no idea yet…

here is a pict:

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Oups, i have just noticed i chose the wrong forum section, so if a moderator see this thread, please be kind and put it in the bug report section.

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Have you managed to fill that hole? :smiley:

So that’s why this picture is not flagged. :smiley:

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yes i have, thanks to some players from here :smiley:

in case the same thing does happen to you as well with the pyramid you planed, just check here,there might be some usefull info to grab.

cheers bro

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