Thralls fly to Mars

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

So it is really past being funny. I’ve lost three lvl 4 thralls in a span of 1 hour to this new thrall-space-program bug.
This is really getting out of hand.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Knock an NPC unconscious.
  2. Use a binding on it (no matter the tier)
  3. Move however far with a thrall bound (2 steps, a mile, 10 meters - makes no difference)
  4. Sheathe the bindings (thrall detaches from you and just lies on the ground)
  5. Try to bind him second time
  6. Watch the rope bounce like crazy up and down and the thrall launch himself to face space aniens from space to Jupiter at the speed of light
  7. Cry because your thrall has disappeared.

Yep. I have definitely seen this before. Barnes and I shared some good discussion and observations about the bug here:

tried the look at the thrall and press E to release then reattach. Doesnt work. Just lost another tasmaster this way.
This game is so broken. Dont even get me started on Derketo sale point being false advertising.

Try this on flat, balanced, even terrain. This does seem to help reduce this risk.

Nope, that taskmaster flew to space on a flat, even ground, sadly. I made sure i repair on such a terrain.

I’ll check out and see if we have a bug report on it or the status of it if it exists. It’s possible the devs are aware but I’ll poke them about it just in case. Thanks for the steps to reproduce it!

Thanks for your reply. Hope this will get fixed.

Like for the most funniest bug report.

I haven’t seen this one, but a potential work around to this that I can think of is to proactively build a wheel of pain that is relatively close to the location of the thrall you are capturing.

For example, we have a wheel of pain that is just outside the Black Hand pirate ship so when we capture stuff there it is a very short distance to drag the thrall. Once they are broken, you can just carry them in your inventory back to your base.

Sure it takes some extra resources, but worth it IMO if it saves you some precious time and (more importantly) heartache.

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Yeah, that is kinda obvious, but alas i can’t dot that due to several reasons. Land claimed, aggressive clans, etc.

So for now I’m stuck with me sobbing about the next thrall leaving me for an alien pudel-shaped blob from Nibiru called Sleuhgrmgh. And eating 10 kilos of chocolate ice cream per hour just to make the pain go away, then getting fat, then realising that theres more thralls out there that actually deserve the ownership of a beautiful mud princess such as myself. And, well, repeat the whole cycle once more until i have the nerve to stop falling into the same trap again and end it once and for all by jumping for 10 hours straight in a weird fashion till the exhaustion takes me.

Sorry, should of asked if you’re on pve vs. pvp server. This is not a viable option for pvp :frowning:

It is viable. You simply have to check in on your “wheel house” often. Or fortify it sufficiently to defend against the marauding thrall raiders. Risk/reward, defense investment, etc.

Had the same issue yesterday, grab a Thrall with a rope, when you try to deliver it at the wheel it just travel at the speed of light to the sun. Never seen this Thrall again… damn that was a named one :frowning:

Any update from the team about this ?