Thralls getting in way, autoface

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc

I do have a questions about thralls as in, is it a bug or intended?

I had a thrall following me, a level 3 bearer. I go to defend myself from an alligator and the thrall attacks the alligator as well. Well, the thrall gets in my way or the autoface directs me to my thrall (was quick and since thralls don’t regen health i didn’t try to test again) and I hit him for about half his health.

Is this as intended?

If my thralls are just going to get in the way and I can kill them so easily then they may not be very helpful. Maybe they need a stance, aggressive / passive

Also, You can easily kill an unconscious thrall when dragging it when forced to defend yourself. There are some things you cant outrun (Spiders, Hyenas). The dragging thrall ends up in the way just about every time. :slight_smile: Since you have not broken the thrall yet I can kind of understand the possibility of killing your unconscious thrall but again autoface kinda causes you to attack the wrong thing.

Bug or intended?

I gave up on pack thrall for just this reason. They only have 100hp to begin with. Would be nice if they would just hide till the battle is over or fight only if attacked. Don’t take them unless I know u will not be fighting anything.