Thralls getting killed by teleport

Problems with the thralls:

  • When teleporting, animals / thralls die or they manage less than 100 life points (up to 16,000). On the way we have already lost several animals / thralls.
  • Animals and thralls are far too close to the skin. Either you hurt your own entourage, you are pushed somewhere while spur or you are stuck in them.
    Do others have these problems?

Just search for the word teleport on the foum and you see

Thanks, have a look. Yes, other players with the same problem but unfortunately, no solution to the problem.

Not yet, might not be and time will tell.

And today again on the red eye obelisk (undead dragon): Dalinsia, level 15, in armor, legendary weapon … and she was gone … :cry:

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Have not seen this issue

Yes definetly seen this one. I jump. So when your thrall “stucks” you like that, jump and youll be free.

Thanks for your reply and help.

Believe me, it happened several times. This pic is an example.
And jump while stiking in an animal doesn’t always work. But after the last patch it’s better.

@meike1501 Just to confirm, are you using the PC TestLive Client?


Oh, that’s wrong! How can I change that?? It’s PS4…

No worries, leave it here. This bug should be fixed with the latest PS4 patch. If not, report it in the PS4 bug section: