Thralls Have Rolled Back And Orbs Are Missing

So, I logged on and to my suprise all my orbs are gone. Well oke, Not a problem for me but now also Thralls that were in the Wheel for around 17+ hours have rolled back? And I have to wait another 17+ Hours for a T4 To Finnish? Thats just lame.

Did anyone els noticed this bug/glitch or whatever you want to call it?

EDIT: Had a t3 Taskmaster Inside aswell + Allot of gruel.

#Officiale PVP 1153.

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My orbs are also gone, all of them.
Thrall reset usually happens every morning during server restart. Happens every morning.

17hrs? Get a better taskmaster named thralls take 9-10 hours for me

So if a thrall has not finnished breaking by then, it wil be rolled back to start over? How does that work. Because after the patch is seems like im breaking him over and over again and its just not finnishing in time? Could you explain me how that works?

They removed all of everyone’s orbs because some people were duping them.

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