Thralls IA Still needs some fine tuning

Just a reminder that thralls arent working very good yet.

They still run to melee sometimes (archers included, with arrows and weaps equipped) or stare at enemies after a few shots (yes, even when getting hit by em). Melee fighters do same.

Also, they do sometimes unwield weapons, generate a “sack” looking unusable item (dont remember name, like a placeholder for an unarmed hand) and require you to reequip their weapons so they wield em.

I’ve noticed today, with server half full, they were much smarter, acted fast like a lightning, killed enemies without doing strange things, so maybe it has to do with server load, sql databases or whatever.

Take your time Funcom, fix all your launch problems, no hurries! But take this as a confirmation, at least for me, that Thralls are still very wonky.

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