Thralls Impale themselves on Palisades

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Standalone

My last Thrall survived less than one minute.
I asked them to follow me, then entered my dwelling to outfit them with armor and weapons.

Instead of following me through the door, they walked around the side of the building and impaled themselves on the Palisade wall I had placed there.

The structure of the placement might allow one to walk to the side of the Palisade and approach the building wall. There is no path to enter the building in that direction.

Do Thralls not use doors?

This is the second of 2 Thralls I have created in the game, both self-destructed on single placed Palisades next to structures.

When a path exists to permit someone to avoid a Palisade, they should take it, and not incur damage.

I’m OK with someone backing into one during combat or something.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Build a structure next to a cliff that is adjacent to the cliff, with walls on 3 sides.
  • If the edge of the foundation is not intersecting the back wall, add a wall, just so there’s no minuscule space to walk through.
  • Build a door frame on the wall most distant from the cliff (center of the wall).
  • Add a Simple Wooden Door to that door frame
  • Build a ramp to permit a smooth transition from the ground up to the foundation.
  • Add ceilings
  • Build a few Wall Palisades and place next to the walls that the door is not on.
  • Capture and break a Thrall
  • Take them out of the Wheel of Pain
  • Ask them to follow you
  • Enter the building
  • Wait a few seconds
  • Observe message: Your Thrall was killed by Palisade
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Pets are doing it, too. What’s worse is when one pet is returning to his position, paths next to a spike, gets a bleed debuff, and all the other pets/thralls come over, too – also pathing over spikes.

When the bleed stops, the pets/thralls return, one paths over a spike, and the whole thing starts again. After a few times, my pets/thralls have committed suicide and there’s no one defending my base because of the AI pathing issue. :roll_eyes:

Hey @bedwin

Thanks for the feedback. Our team is aware of some inconsistencies in AI pathfinding and we’ll send them a reminder that spikes bad, not bleeding to death good.

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