Thralls in your inventory lag out and never load

Thralls in your inventory lag out and never load during pvp hours. This is a nearly full server. I have about 25 thralls in chests and also carry one sometimes in my inventory. Anywhere a thrall is present, that inventory won’t appear and if you try to add anything to it, it bounces back out. Game is unplayable. After pvp hours things return to normal, but I am unable to defend my base, should any attack, with no inventory. You know, no food or water, etc.

Yep, same thing. game unplayable during PvP hours. Inventory is missing, no way to add food or weapons to quick bar. 39 players on server though. many insanely large bases, but mine is small for a T3 base.

So the BUG is in how the game handles thralls stored in an Inventory. That inventory could be a chest or your personal inventory, but it won’t load if the server is under heavy use by 34-40 players, some of whom have many large bases. Those inventories with thralls in them become locked and any attempt to switch things into them fail. (Of course one time my feated skills didn’t load into the crafting tab either.)

Might be linked to why thralls sometimes don’t attack during pvp hours.

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