Thralls just dying while not playing

Online official
PvE-Conflict 8021
PS 5 / PSN blaichie

Bug Description:

tonight my second NPC just died without reason while not playing. the event log gives no reason just that he died

would be nice if they could be restored

Steps to Reproduce:

open event log → thralls

We experienced the same dying of thralls for the last two days (or rather nights and morning) (one died at about 7.00 am, the other at 0.40 am). And log always reports this death twith (the massage always reads “thrall [name] … died. (2)”.One time it was Sorschut Eyegouger dying, the other time Daicas the Sharp. Both still were at lvl 0. And it is also this “(2)” that makes me wonder what may be the cause of this death. Since we are a guild having existed for many years now, we have many thralls of course, but they are below hard cap (but much over soft cap).

So we think the problem is that Funcom announced that hard cap will count regarding to automatically deleting thralls, but due to some bug (or pure wrong calculation or having changed their mind abbout the method of calculating without any further announcement) only soft cap is really counting! So we have to forget about the +100 range between soft and hard cap!

We are playing on an official PC-PVE-Europe server.

One more maybe solution comes to my mind: since the by-chance death of a thrall seems to occur only once a day (I hope it will not get more often!), it does not seem to be counting to the time set for thralls daying when over the cap (whichever it may be). Because server settings say this would be every 60 mins (overpopulation cleanup intervall).

So it may be this way: when thralls are above hard cap, one will get deleted every 60 mins (as by server settings and announcement). But as long thralls are still above soft cap, one will die each night (and this WAS NOT ANNOUNCED at all)!

I had a Thrall the other day on Online Official PvE server. With the same message in log, for the Thrall. However we are a clan of two and don’t have more then 20-22 Thralls. I personally don’t believe it has to do with Thrall cap system. We are nowhere near soft or hard limit.

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This is the same what happened to me.
I lost on two different private servers thralls forno reason. The first one was guarding, the second one scouting
Thrall Limit wasn’t reached

Ps4- private server

This is an official forum, right? So something the developers should care about, correct? But they obviously don’t… our thralls are dying for no reason as well and NOT just the little ones. And we are also not even close to a whatever cap there might be.
Simply unbelievable…

Agreed. Especially since this problem is discussed several times on other topics too - and there is no solution or reason either - so nobody knows why this is happening - and thralls keep on dying.

They won’t reply to threads like these, again, because they already have on several others that are about the exact same problem. They are aware of the issue and are looking into it.

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How many more days do I have to wait until they fix it I’m sick of losing Dalinsias all the time when following. Happened 3 times to me without a reason. I have one in a chest waiting for the update.

15 days later, still no fix on an issue they are aware of & looking into it, to use your words… Maybe they are on vacation for a couple of months until they try to release/sell a new addon xD

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After a few days of no thrall dying today I got message of another thrall having died. And it was no weak one, but one of the strongest thralls according to wiki lore. So I do not realiz
e anything being changed for any better during the last 2 weeks either.

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Lol bro this game has bugs that were reported 4 years ago and are still present. Your problem is not going to be fixed overnight or in two months. It may take years, it may not get fixed at all :man_shrugging: Whining and stamping your feet is not going to fix it. Fact is they are aware and are looking into it. Having a dig at me for stating a fact is infantile and absolutely pointless.