Thralls like to stare, not attack

I really don’t understand how this got broken all of a sudden, but it’s making the game extremely frustrating. Especially when I just bought DLCs.
It seems like every time an update is released, something that worked perfectly fine before gets messed up. Now bandits are as good as paperweights.
What’s the point of having a bandit in the best armor with a crom sword if all it does is stare at me while I get attacked? It has no interest in fighting whatsoever, but it will follow hostile thralls or decide that it wants to kill some other random thrall 50 feet from you instead of the ones attacking. I’ve tried everything; taking the weapon away, putting it back, etc. It’ll pull the sword out every now and then but of course it won’t swing it. I was just trying to harvest bark peacefully in the den.

Please fix this ASAP.

We did some testing and found that the Sword of Crom causes much the same stamina issue with thralls as with you. Change to another sword and your thrall should fight just fine.

I use the Blade of the Adventurer with Armor Penetration mod. Some thralls have Baal P’Teor’s Razor. Even a Star Metal Great Sword works well.

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