Thralls make the entire PvE Content a cakewalk & even quite useless tbh


That’s a great rule of thumb when your game targets a more homogeneous audience, because then you can determine the appropriate level of challenge.

Conan Exiles targets several disparate audiences and tries to give them all a way to play and have fun. You’ve got survivalists (players who like to test themselves against the environment), achievers (people who want to explore and collect everything), socialites (people who like to hang out with others and/or RP), builders (people who like to build), competitors (people who like to PVP), and probably more that I’ve missed. And most players don’t belong to just one of those archetype groups, but rather combine several aspects.

What’s fun for a builder, isn’t always fun for an achiever or a survivalist, and vice versa.

Loses its appeal for whom? Ask any builder, and most will say “Nah, this is fine, doesn’t need to be harder.” Ask some PVP players and you’ll get the same answer.

My point is that there are people here whose play styles differ drastically among themselves, and yet they agree that they couldn’t care less for making PVE harder or more challenging.

Again, some people want to play it the way you describe it. Other people want to collect one of each. Others don’t care either way.

I would rather have Funcom find a way to make the PVE combat more fun and engaging and challenging, without forcing everyone to deal with it. :man_shrugging:


Thanks Da Vicie, i’ll try that, probably is the issue :+1:


I love exile fighters.I think most balanced for pve.And have some personality.Or Cannibal Brute.Try them.But even with best thrall i take agro on me.Im tanking and damaging.Thrall is just support after last changes.

Good arguments. I tend to believe there are more poeple for who making the PVE more challenging would be appealing, but i dont really know.

Overall imho then we are back to something I tried to discuss some time ago: making kind of preconfigured profiles for servers, for example, PVP, PVE(challenge) , Builders/Roleplayers (PVE light). I just think that going forward with this middle of the road approach for everyone will end up in a boring game for most.


I would love a PVE-light preset for single-player play, so I can focus on getting the lay of the land for myself and figuring out how to best traverse Siptah while I level up my character on a friend’s server.

As it stands, I’m combat-challenged at level 35 because I don’t know where the less harrowing areas are. LOL.

EDIT TO ADD: I just tamed a Greater Feral Dog… and I’m terribly afraid of taking it out on my friend’s server because I’ll likely lose it if I die. :frowning:

I am playing on Siptah mostly right now. I was level 45 the other day and ran down to the new lands areas. I killed a jailor (they are super easy to kill) and opened the nearby cage where I rescued an Accursed Fighter 3 with a star metal great sword.

I ran around a bit, got him to level 7 or so and went over to the grey ones…he was making quick work of them and I picked up the loot. After killing a bunch of grey ones, my fighter thrall now had a grey ones spear and piece of grey ones armor.

He was super OP and I barely had to do anything but sit back and watch.

Yeah, it felt a bit unbalanced for sure. I don’t normally use thralls for combat for this reason.

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There’s an aspect of the game I don’t like and rather then simply not use it I want it taken out of game so no one else can utilize it either.

Yea no.


Pretty much this in a nutshell.
Some of us are just lazy or don’t want to break a nail on the keyboard jamming keys like mad over a game.
I get the mentality since I was in a clan with a good friend and he was a killing machine, zipping around, kiting, dodging, and I kind of sat back and had a sip of wine and watched him. . .lol.
It is all about personal game play, which unfortunately the OP will never get.

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