Thralls Making Dragon Noises (Update 4 Workaround/Fix)

Game mode: Single Player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE Single-player
Region: Canada

Whenever the thrall archer attacks melee, she is making a dragon noise. She doesn’t make any sounds when attacking from distance. I am not sure if this is affecting male archers or not because I have not tried. A female fighter thrall works fine and makes the correct attack sounds.

The female fighter thrall started doing the same thing now. At level 0 she was making the right noises, but now at level 4 she is making the dragon-like noises.

Update 2:
I just wanted to update the post. It seems both male and females are making the dragon noise. When initially spawning, their voices work fine. After a while, their voices turn into dragon voices! It has nothing to do with leveling based on further testing. Using appearance-changing mods doesn’t seem to be the issue as well. It seems to randomly happen over time. Even with the mods off the dragon voice is still there once the thrall has been affected.

Update 3:
Well, I think I found a fix to the issue. When using the mods CharEditLite, I was able to use a shard to restore the voice. You select from one of the 8 voices and save the settings. When applying the shard to the thrall, only apply voice/gender and the hair color options. For some reason, you have to select hair/eyebrow/facial hair options or else the thrall will still have the dragon voice. So, I guess I will find out soon enough if this is a permanent fix. I still have no idea what caused the original issue though.

Update 4:
The trick in update 3 seems to be a permanent fix to the issue. After spending hours in the game after applying it to each affected thrall, I have had no problems with dragon voices since. However, I still don’t know what originally caused the issue.

  1. Run single-player game and make self admin under server settings
  2. Spawn a female archer thrall
  3. Change tactics to priortize melee
  4. Go into battle and when she attacks melee. she will make a dragon noise

After further testing, The 4 steps above cannot create the error. As of right now, I am not sure what originally created the issue.

Could you specify which thrall specifically? Not sure if it’s related, but I’m having trouble reproducing this one. I’ve seen similar reports, just trying to figure out a way to reliably reproduce it.

And as usual, any mods?

I turned off all mods, and it is still doing the same thing. The thralls that I have spawned are both the Army_of_Aquilonia_Archer_1 and Army_of_Aquilonia_Fighter_1. At level 0, they seem to play the right noises, and I noticed at level 4 or maybe anything above 0 they make the dragon noise when attacking melee.

I tried with this one, levelled it normally to level 4, made it fight a gorilla, no dragon noise just the regular fighting sounds. My thrall is male though, I will try getting a female.

EDIT: I tried with the same thrall but female, again no issues at level 4. She sounds normal.

TestLive server (no mods).

EDIT2: Opps, I thought I am in the TestLive section. I guess on the positive note, even if it is an issue on live, it seems to not be the case for patch 2.3

I forgot to mention one thing. I did use the Improved Quality of Life 3.3.1 mod to change the appearance and change the voices out of the selection just like in the character creation. The voices played the proper noises in the thrall appearance change. Even though I turned all the mods off, maybe this is still affecting the thralls? However, the fighter was still making the right noises initially even after the appearance change.

Could be a mod issue then.

But, got me wondering. Reload up IQOL, then change the voices with it. Try each one and initiate combat. Do they all make grunting noises, or just some?

I just changed the thrall to a male via IQOL, and it is also making the dragon noise. I spawned another one and edited it with IQOL, and it is making the right noises. I even leveled up to level 3 and it is still making the right noises, lol! I guess this is something that is happening over time, or something triggers the trall’s voice to change to a dragon’s voice.

Not helping here but my character were making roaring sounds at every action/attacks for more than one month. It suddenly disappeared at one time without me changing anything :thinking: but now I have no fight music when I am under attack :rofl:

@Karzak LOL! I just read on the steam forum via searching for answers that someone was having the opposite of what I was experiencing. They were saying that some monster was having a female voice lol!

EDIT: I just updated the the first post to reflect on a possible permanent fix for a thrall that is affected by this issue.

Yeah, that was a known issue that was released to production and then fixed.

Yes I have seen that on old bug posts and it was placed on to do list. I do not know if it is related to a fix but my character sounds went back to normal about two weeks after 2.2 (so quite recently)

Well, I got all of my thralls voices back to normal using the trick in my updated first post. I just spent all night in the game, and am still in the game, and it seems to be a permanent fix. I still don’t know what originally caused the issue though. Anyways, I really love this game. I just got it mid last week, and I think this is probably one of the best games I have played in a really long time. For this game style, I couldn’t really get into ARK, Dark and Light, Citadel, etc but this one did it. I really love how we can have human NPC followers. I only play single-player, and having these NPCs makes the world not so alone to travel in. I really hope the DEVs continue to develop and add to this game. The first day I played this, the next day I bought most of the DLC! I will be purchasing the rest soon.

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