Thralls not attacking enemies → Investigated, hard to reproduce

On singleplayer, it’s odd what they’ll consider to be threats too. For instance: some placed guards (largely for flavor) around my base near the southern newbie river. Shellbacks routinely wandered through. Sometimes my thralls would stand & watch them wander by; this made sense, as shellbacks typically aren’t aggressive. Sometimes, though, they’d treat that shellback like the greatest threat to Hyborian civilization, while the thing wasn’t displaying any aggression. No rhyme or reason that I could discern.

thralls have pain to fight big creatures like mammoths, dragons and so on. It’s a problem of hit-boxes. They simply can do nothing against, so they do nothing.

i think you’re all mixing different issues there.
the issue pitmonk is describing is concerning everysingle ennemy in the game and has come shortly after the big Mother of all patch update from what i remember and it really seem to be RANDOM but what sirmang and vattende are talking about is a much older issue which is simply related to thralls AI on big ennemies hitboxes.

So these are 2 different issues imo but both are serious ones and worth mentionning.
i just hope that in all our feedback we don’t bring more confusion than our good intentions to the devs team.


Yes, I remember during the test live of the MOAP that some hyenas would not aggro when the server was at full capacity. When playing on a quiet server (even one that needed a reset as it would get laggy) the animals would aggro just fine from a distance, but with player population up (as many have stated) it begins to mess with whether or not they will aggro.

This seems to be a separate issue from the base defending thralls not attacking, as Vintagebeef’s youtube videos shows the thralls not attacking visitors even at low populations (his videos show a lot of bugs just from normal game play).

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Got on last night. 6-8 Central time in the US. #1726 PVE Official Server. Walked through looking for thralls Pagoda, Black Hand Galleon, Sep City, and Asgarath without being attacked once. Didn’t find any. I killed everyone in Asgarath for the Steel but easily could have walked through without being attacked.

That’s correct and we are aware, thanks for the input though.
We have narrowed down the possible causes and are close to a fix!


That sounds great!

in some case Thrall where not attacking befor mother of all patch, we raided so many base with thrall just looking at us.

But i agree that mother of … add make it more frequent

@Tascha that is very good to hear as if you can please tell the devs that I said to take their time to make sure this bug is fully squashed as I am sure a lot of people will be happy to hear that their Thralls will soon be able to attack normally again.


you see… I can be positive :joy:



Programmers are not interchangeable resources, unfortunately, and switching programmers with experience working on some modules to work on one they are not familiar with can result in slowing the process down rather than speeding it up. Developers who are familiar with the modules must devote time to bringing the new personnel up to speed - or correcting errors/inconsistencies introduced by developers not familiar with existing structures. It’s frustrating and possibly counter-intuitive, but it’s a well-known problem in software engineering: adding additional programmers to a task frequently costs more time in the short or even medium term than continuing with an existing team, and is more likely to reduce product quality.


I agree buddy, I was trying to point out the thought patterns of the average player so that Funcoms responses could be written better, then understood and accepted by as many people as possible.

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I agree to a point, I’m a developer myself but not in the game industry and so the comparison I’m making is not 100% correct. Nevertheless, what you are saying applies to very complex and certain parts of the game. The rather ‘simple’ things can be done by anyone who is familiar with the tools without having to ‘dig in’, which would otherwise require a lot of time, effort, going thru blueprints and technical documentation. There is however also a certain point that you reach where this scenario, meaning you have more people ‘dig in’ might also be beneficial because you get a new set of eyes on the issue.

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The fix for the NPC aggro issue is going in with tomorrow’s TestLive patch.
Thanks for all the help everyone! :slight_smile:


Wuhuu, thanks :smiley:

Are you able to give us a hint as to what was causing it?

I’d rather not comment on details about fixes. Not that it would be anything bad or embarrassing but I feel if we start doing that, the community would expect this to happen for every issue going forward :slight_smile:


I am just glad they were able to find what might have been causing it.

i think you are abolutely right although i admit i feel as curious as pitmonk about this issue…

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