Thralls not attacking enemies → Investigated, hard to reproduce


Relax guys, in testlive, the thralls are defending again, well done devs. :slight_smile:


I actually brought the team members, who managed to hunt the bug down and squeeze it, muffins today. They totally deserved it. I would send all you guys who helped us tackle this muffins too but I think it would be a bit over my budget. Sorry! :wink:


That is alright. I had ice cream. Hope the devs enjoyed their muffins. :slight_smile:




If Thrall/NPC AI is indeed fixed, I too shall engage in the imbibing of celebratory frozen dairy!

edit: Ice Cream is cancelled. The fix is no such thing, if anything thralls are dumber than before.


I wanted to chime in here and say that the thrall NPC AI doesn’t seem completely fixed.

They do actually start attacking and fight now… but only if the player gets hit while near them. If I kite an aggressive enemy over to my thralls, and dodge his attacks without attacking, my thralls just stand and stare at them. Even if one of the thralls gets hit and not me. Its only after the enemy actually hits me that they respond and start attacking.


It depends on which mob you draw in. It works fine for crocs for example. Here is what we sent after our weekend test:

Bug Report - Thrall’s Defending A Base
Testlive Server EU3

Summary: The thralls do now react to mobs but it seems that they will only attack if you are personally taking damage, so will not engage otherwise. This depends on the Mob, Crocs get attacked right away. Giants would only get attacked by thralls if we took damage first.

We lured several creatures to our archers and in all cases the thralls killed the mobs if we were present. If we left the area the thralls stopped attacking, and this is consistent with the current game mechanics - where an area will go into stasis if no players are present.


Yeah. For me it seems to be all mobs, mind where I built my base there is no crocs handy to lure over. But what you posted there seems consistent with what I found. I’ve tried snakes, scorpions, enemy thralls, and those were-hyenas from the den so far.


Most shalebacks wandering around my base near sepermeru are getting attacked by my thralls, even when my character is standing right at the top of my base (about 35 meters away from the thralls). I’m there handling my crafting stations untill i hear my thralls shouting, and then when i come back the shaleback is already dead or being killed if i was fast enough.
And some other times the same shaleback is coming about 2 or even 3 times closer than to what they are usually allowed by my thralls untill the aggro triggers. and i want to precise that the aggro in that case is ALWAYS triggered by MY THRALLS, not by me (i’m too far) and not by the shaleback which is usually simply just wandering around provoking NO ONE.

So in that case the aggro from thralls doesn’t need to get triggered by my character being hit or even any thralls of my base being hit either. As soon as my thralls feel like the shaleback has crossed the invisible line (which can vary) they will charge.

and yeah in other situatiions the figtht won’t trigger untill my character gets hit first.


I would really like it if the Thralls kept the ‘wildlife’ out of my base area without me having to get hit first. So I hope that’s what the new patch does (haven’t been able to test it yet). Looking forward to Thralls actually defending my base ‘aggressively’.


I’m not sure if that’s what it was supposed to do, but it certainly isn’t what it does in practice.

Yeah me too, unfortunately we have to keep looking without seeing it, at least for the time being.


Thralls do aggro when i get hit first but they seem to be still bugged in my game in certain cases like this one, “running to the ennemy” but never attacking the ennemy.

as you can see i got hit by the rhino, and they all came to “suround” the rhino, but i had to kill the thing myself while they were simply watching, doing nothing but getting closer to the rhino every hit i received.

and at the end of the fight, they stay like this (see on the pict), like if they were about to celebrate their great achievement :thinking:

had almost forgotten, sorry…
experienced in SP on PC


In mp i have all my thralls working now, they do attack and they do attack boss type creatures without me beeing present.

They never have attacked normal wildlife if the animal wasent agressive.

Now i can sit back, listen to my thralls kill a beast and go out to skin it, just like before.

Now, i have not pulled a rhino up to my base, but the other wildlife nearby works fine.
It may be an issue on sp mode, or the fact that the animal is big?
Just guessing, as it seem to work now.


The issue is SO inconsistent !!!
now , somehow they decided to defend me :

and 10 min later when i came back from harvesting i saw them charging a snake by their own without any aggression from the snake. No picture there, the snake was of course already dead when i was close enough.

And there is also still this bug when after a fight half of the thralls would keep their wepon equiped

3 of them have kept their weapon sheathed.

on a more positive side, i can finally dodge and fight a rhino properly, so well done here funcom for having fixed this issue (still need some work about the animal model not rendering properly when really close to it but no big deal for now)

maybe SP yes, i can’t say, it’s been a long time i didn’t play online…so only you guys, know about it.
don’t think that rhinos do belong to the “troublesome sized ennemies” category like mammoths, dragons and elephants…and even if you cannot see it properly on this screen, they handled this rhino pretty well.


It for sure is great to see the thralls go to work, and if they keep their weapon out is a no issue for me, i think it just look cool anyways so.

I also noticed i could kill rhinos a little easyer now come to think of it, i wasnt locked inside the rhino body anymore.
The corpse still take off like a spaceshuttle tho:)

Did you test to kill any other animal with you thralls?


indeed lol

can be annoying and funny at the same time depending if you are near a cliff or not :wink:
i still need to check it closer but a few months ago they would be stuck doing nothing for the next fight if their weapon was not moved back to their inventory after each battle.

no, not many animals yet (rhinos, snakes, scorpions and shalebacks since last patch). I’m currently trying to build into aquilonian :smile: so i don’t encounter many different type of animals near my little outpost, i’m not particullary testing issues and bugs right now, but when i experience sthing that i think should be reported, i just don’t hesitate.

see ya !


Negative on both. Issue is present on official servers and against normal-size mobs (leopards and tigers are the ones I’ve tested the most, seems to apply to all critters when out and about though).


Well, i am sure this is close to a fix, there cant be such a difference in performance from one server to another, it must be something up here serverside.

I dont mean to sound ignorant or anything, but i found out that by leaving all weapons in thralls inventory helped, especially on archers, as sometimes they would run out to melee instead of shoot.

I have all weapons in inventory on thralls after this.
And only 1 weapon.

Also i have had up to 6 thralls fighting the same target, and thats why i sound a bit happy with the developement atm:)


Still broken…


i have just checked it and it seems you are correct, thralls will still use their weapons, even if it’s already out. That’s good news too :smile:

big issue currently is thralls will aggro and “deaggro” multiple times during a fight.
meaning: they attack, then they stop, then they got hit and thus strike back again etc etc …can happen like 10 times during 1 single battle.
at first i was thinking that it was because my character was not targeted anymore, but actually not, even when one single thrall is target by an ennemy he / she can disengage the fight untill 1 hit from the ennemy occures again.
This bug/ issue ( with many different ones implied at the same time obviously) is really a MESSY one and difficult to understand and therefore very difficult to fix i guess.