Thralls not eating properly

Game mode: Online | Multiplayer Private Dedicated Modded Server AU
Problem: Bug | Gameplay| Misc
Region: [AU]

The Age of Calamitous



Less Building Placement Restrictions

Better Thralls v1.5.0 (Pickup & more followers)

Fashionist v2.9.0 (1.0 and DLC compatible)

LTs Compass (Minimap)

Feats 10000

**Thralls Bug List *

[Thralls Food consumption not registering. Currently the thralls when hungry will take food from the thrall feeder , however they are not eating that food and increasing their hunger bar. As a result they continue to take more food from the feeder and fill their inventory. Their amount of food available in days increases but they miss the connection between that consumption and restoring the hunger bar.

This can be reset by , removing the food from the thrall feeder, empty the thralls inventory, pick up and replace the thrall. Hunger bar returns to full, replace the food in the feeder. ]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. place Thrall down without food ( bearer used in one case as well as a lvl 3 exile);
  2. place food in thrall feeder of their liking;
  3. await for their hunger meter to reduce to 0, Thrall will then take food from feeder;
  4. food taken but not consumed, thrall takes more food. Hunger bar remains at zero;
  5. Other thralls look on with angry expressions as problem thrall has eaten all the pies.

This could be caused by a mod mismatch. However I have not had any other noticeable problems as of yet.

"Admin feel free to move this to the correct location if I have mis posted it. "

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No offense, but if you are using mods, it’s not a bug report.

Do you see the issue on Vanilla? If so, feel free to post it. There is no point in the developers spending any time at all looking into this if it’s likely to be caused either by an installed mod, or a mod conflict.

Sorry, but I’ve been doing Alpha testing and GM/CM work for 20 years. Posts like this are the bain of developers. It should be moved out of this forum, and maybe into Players helping players. If not simply deleted.


There is a known bug with mod’s that use mod controllers (which, basically every single mod on the workshop uses) that causes pets and thralls to inconstantly eat. If you want Thralls to eat, you have to basically not mod.

My advice is to simply disable the pet and thrall eating feature for now.


Thank you the reply… I’ll work through the mods one at a time and see if I can work out which ones flaky.

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They all are, probably. Maybe not LBPR for now, but even that mod I’m adding a mod controller for. Mod controller is an extremely common and needed blueprint for modding.

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Yes, i know @Multigun , the controller-issue has been reported monthes ago, and there was lot of discussion going on at that time.
Still the issue persist, so the question is more, will there be any change ? Or is there some hope that this may change in the future ?

I mean, like you know, mods and modding is a living part of the community. While some players will never ever use some, other enjoy them lot. Having to chose between mods (or at least some mods) or thralls/pet feeding /boost for now, is bit a bummer.

This would maybe worth a discussion in General to.

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