Thralls not entering que

Thralls not entering que. I ame using the greater wheel of pain and have 4 thralls with gruel in there but when I start the process it starts ok but nothing in the que.

Do you play solo/ coop or on an private server with mods?
If yes, remove the mod for test.

Do you see if the gruel is used as fuel. Does the remaining time goes down?
If you try to pickup the thrall again, is there a warning (if yes cancel the action!) or are you able to take the thrall out of the wheel?

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I don’t know if what I’m about to describe is your issue, but I had a similar experience when I first started playing. The Wheel of Pain does not have a “traditional” que. You have to observe the progress of your thrall conversations at the bottom of the wheel. A “white bar” will slowly fill on each one as time progresses (very slowly at the beginning so as to be, practically, non-existent). Start it up and come back in half an hour or longer to check on them. If you see a small white ‘dot’ as the bar is starting to fill, then its working. If the thralls are just sitting there with nothing, then its not working. Either way, it can take a bit of time before you’ll know whether its working or not. Hope that helps!

But if you are playing with mods and it doesn’t seem to be working, then I would agree with @mikelei and say that a mod is blocking your wheel progress. You can try taking out mods one by one until you figure out the ‘offending’ mod and maybe try changing the mod load order or permanently removing the mod altogether.

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