Thralls perk system punishes players

it seem like the perks at 10, 15 and 20, are meant to mostly punish players, which makes no sense at all, all their gain should be good , (some perks could be better than others yes,) it its really bad to level a thrall to get punishing perks such as - str and -vit , (dunno why they did this) funcom should let people reset thralls levels and perks… via a potion. it would fix a lot of problem and will allow to re roll those thralls once they are leveled up again.

in most cases people get angry at those thralls when they level up and end up having really bad perks, but most people will never delete the thralls in question cause they are leveled, what most will do, is just deploy a new one , this is fine but during the years, the end up pilling up in large quantities, and just used as guards .

with potions most people will likely reset their thralls and start again, (without the need to redeploy a new one) . being said that i think the thrall system needs a revisit, just remove any - negative effect from some of those nasty perks that seens to become quite common.

have a nice day.

EDIT : the potion thing will be quite IMPORTANT now that its planned to put limits on how many thralls people will be able to put in place.


I’m glad they confirmed they’ll be activating the follower cap on officials.

Regardless of that, the negative perks make little sense, and no sense at all when it’s something like a +acc -str for a fighter or +str -acc for an archer. :confused:


it punish people, and since thrall limit will be a thing, i guess the option to reset levels and perks on thralls will make a lot of sense. people will work on their thralls instead of just deploying a new one because of a bad perk.

In one of the most rare cases I will become once a bit ironic . I believe that this is the reason they left Teimos be the best thrall . Since this thrall is leveling so fast , we don’t need to complain about the negative perks , or the archery perks . In one hour you can farm at least 4 Teimos and lvl them up really fast , so even if you have bad outcome , you don’t actually cry … low , really low :pensive: .


When your thrall levels up a dialogue box should appear that gives you a choice of 1 of 3 traits,

Or allow a potion to be crafted (with some effort in time and resources to make) that allows you to reroll bad traits.

I’ve started giving all my fighter thralls the appellation “The Disappointment” when they get Archer or Survivalist as a trait.


Any idea what the cap is for single players? I have over 300 thralls myself

Unless they changed the original figures, it should be 55: 50 for the clan + 5 per each clan member.

i do hope they recheck this, otherwise, they are encouraging solo play in PVE servers. whatever the number they come with, (hope they undersatnd 100 for a 10 man clan is just way too low.

unless they limit companion for players to 10, then it will be fair that a 10 man clan can have 100.

Yeah, I remember complaining about that a lot when they announced the cap. I think they made it that way for PVP purposes, but it really sucks for PVE(-C).



haha, well i do hope if a player can have 50 , a full clan shoul dhave 500, so there is no punishment for joining a clan in pve. you still have access to 50 per person , , i mean just being totally fair.,so if they settle for 300 for a 10 man clan, a single person shoulnt have access to more than 30. (just an example)


I totally agree with that . 10 or 20 thralls ,pets , mounts are not enough . But at the same time I believe that thrall pots and feed boxes should do a job more vital for pets and thralls . Have great amounts of thralls and pets as long as you can feed them . If you don’t then you loose them from starvation . This I believe will give a second thought to someone for the number of the thralls and pets he-she can create :wink: . I surely wouldn’t like to spend one hour every day to gather resources to feed 100 followers :woman_shrugging:t3: , so I would create only the numbers I really need .

Well I am pretty much borked. . .

And what of the purge? With just over 300 thralls and three bases plus two waystations, I have just enough to defend each base. I really dont remember a lot of complaints about thralls from any genre, so FC must think it will fix the lag issues. Maybe they should actually go with a company that doesnt run 2nd gen servers with crap hardware.

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Would be nice, yeah, but they removed the hunger because the implementation was really bad for server performance. Something about how each pot would have to gather a list of thralls in its radius and then access their inventories frequently. :man_shrugging:

At least there’s a nice UI for thralls now. I still remember what it was like when they announced the follower cap and we all thought it would be activated “any minute now”:

  • sweeping the whole map, looking for any thralls that might have been left by an ex-clanmate
  • putting down pots and feed boxes, trying to figure out where the followers are and if they’ve sunk into the mesh
  • trying to get in touch with ex-clanmates to see if they would be coming back and if it’s okay to get rid of their followers
  • leading the chosen followers to the volcano, one by one, to have them die in lava

“Fun” times.

Purge defense was also a big source of yelling in the “follower cap feedback” mega-thread. All those people who kept insisting that nobody needs that many thralls and that if you think you need them to defend from a purge, you need to git gud. Some things never change :laughing:

It would seem that if you’re on a PVE(-C) server, your best bet for purges is to have a nice, friendly community, so you can yell in global and everyone comes to help out :man_shrugging:


Well they should just do away with PVE and PVE-C then and try to make money off of the “gitgud” PVP cheaters and hackers. I am sure they would go bankrupt in a month. The PVP community has ruined this game beyond all reason. I am ready to just quit.

sorry to say this, but its not their fault, is the fault of whoever made the decisions. and that was not the pvp people it was funcom who listened and decided to do do stuff to please pvpers. instead of keeping their original focus with the game., (they still have time to correct it i think. )


The perk system thing need some polish to make it fun.
Perk tree should also make more sense,
like Bob, The Born Warrior Nearsighted Eagle-Eyed is just hilarious and sad…


I haven’t been following news lately - when did they say this was going to happen? I’m probably like 20 over cap right now.

CAPS numbers are not final, the new numbers will most likely be bigger than the ones announced many many months ago.

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It’s a question they answered during the dev stream (01:03:50), and they said it will most likely be activated with the 2.4 update.

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Here is an idea, A treasure in the form of a scroll that can teach/overwrite a following Thrall’s perk.

  • A way to edit the Thrall Perk slots, By using a Training scroll.
  • Gained through Crafting, & or a loot drop.
    — It’s a compromise, Having negatives gives thralls character, For some.
    – & the Perk Scrolls could be something to work towards for those of us that want to customize their favorite Thralls.
  • Expanding on the idea, More customization options, Cosmetic potions, A consumable, that customizes a following Thrall.
  • Mix in a dye, change the color of a Thralls hair, Use Scissors change the hair style,
  • And for me, Changing a Thrall’s sounds. I’m sick of the screaming Thrall’s wail when they get knocked around by knock down happy enemies, like Werewolves…