Thralls, pets and houses sinking

So I lost a couple of thralls, pets and houses now. They just vanish, sometimes I can see them sinking through the earth, but most of the time they’re just not there anymore. Even killed or knocked out npc’s is just gone when I try to loot them or drag them. When I search the internet for this I can see this has been an issue for almost a year now. Is there a solution coming, or has there allready ben fixed, and if so how?

Is this on the test live servers? If not, then needs to be moved to appropriate bugs thread. this thread is for the new patch out on test live.

Oh sorry. I missed that I was in the test area. My apologies.

No probs. Just helps them deliver info to devs knowing.

Hi @Kytampe, welcome to the community!

Could you provide further details on the issue as detailed in our guideline for this section:

Additionally, lease let us know if you’re using any mods as well as if you’re playing online or in singleplayer.


Ah, thanks Hugo. New here so I haven’t really learned the ropes yet. Thanks for the help and I’ll get right to it.

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