Thralls & Pets Falling through the Floors and Tables

I don’t know why it happens, but I can enter the base and see the thralls & pets standing in the foundations, as if they are on the ground and the foundation was poured around them. Sometimes the thrall following me will get stuck in the foundation.

Also, in the club, the dancers don’t always remain on the table tops. They have fallen through to the floor, and are dancing in the table, not on it. (Yes, we have a nightclub, why don’t you? The dancers are on tables, because why not?)

If I re-place them, they will stay in the right place for a while, but they always fall through again.


Please use this Thread to add addational Infos they refferd in this Thread. Like what Game Type Server Type etc.

Put a rug on the table so there feet won’t get cold. AND I have put Dancers on table didn’t think of rug till now might calm the pitter patter of little feet.

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