Thralls/pets refrain from attacking with truncheon

Would it be possible to have Thralls/pets that are following you stop attacking if you are wielding a truncheon? Would make those rarely named thralls you come across have a possibility of surviving as ATM pets just go right for the kill if/when you are only trying to knock them unconscious.

The pet system was a great addition but it still needs a few improvements to make it really worthwhile.


I don’t know how they’d be able to code for the system detecting when you equip a truncheon to stop the pets/thralls attacking.

They need to enable additional commands on the interface such as “”follow, defend” and “follow, passive”, that way you can have a pet/thrall on follow and change them to follow, passive so they don’t defend you when you are thrall catching and then change them back to defend when are done. As you can’t always stop the thrall following you in certain places.


That’s something else they are working on. No solid information on what extra commands they are adding, but Thrall and AI improvements are something that has been discussed as something they considered a core focus since after the Pets patch came out in October.

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Or give your pet a truncheon :).

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I’ve actually been considering killing off all my pets for this reason. Right now they’re a huge liability when getting purged by humans. As it is, every time a purge sounds and it’s a human faction, it’s a mad rush to usher all the pets indoors and away from the front lines. Kind of regretting that my clan raised so many pets now. :-\

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I only ever get purged by the same undead group, ALWAYS the same ones. But yeah, I could see this also being a problem if you get the named blacksmith etc to attack you and your pets kill him A non-lethal mode for pets where they deal blunt damage to thralls to help knock enemies unconscious would be much appreciated.

Yeah thankfully we managed to land a name BS despite the many thralls, in large part thanks to an intrepid (and trustworthy) ally who lent a hand. Huge weight off everyone’s shoulders now that the server has a guaranteed source of legendary repair kits.

Still, if one of those pets had killed it, I’d be marching every last one into the Well of Skelos right about now!


Yes, we need STOP command badly. This “good dog” kills one Rocknose which I’m killing and then it runs to kill another one which I was going to pass 'cause it doesn’t see me at all. Too good dog.

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