Thralls/Pets turning feral after leaving solo tribe?

Hi all, I’ve read somewhere that if you leave a 1 man clan that you own, your thralls and pets turn feral? Can anyone confirm this? I’m solo on official but I am in my own clan. Looking at joining a clan but just don’t to risk 30 pets turning on me in my own base when I leave my clan. Cheers

Em, tried in a singleplayer game. I was the clan leader and left my clan, the bear which was following me was still following. If you are not the clan leader though, it might be different.

They will become part of the clan. If you leave the clan, they are no longer yours.

He owns the clan though which I understand as him being the clan leader and the only person in the clan. Him leaving will mean the clan will be disbanded.

Oh, gotcha, I read that too fast. I think I’ve read before that as long as you are the clan leader, and leave the clan, then you keep everything. @Mikey is this anything you are familiar with? I feel like you have commented on it before. If not, sorry for the call out.

A friend of mine did this some months ago, he wanted to stop playing on the server, but didn’t want to let all the work be wasted so he left his clan as the last member(leader) and joined another clan so they could keep all the stuff including pets and thralls, it worked just fine, everything was transferred to the new clan :slight_smile:


Once you leave your own clan they will turn on you until you join the other clan. (assuming this is a PVP server. ) After joining the other clan they will all revert to that clan and you will be fine. I would recommend not leaving your own clan inside your base. You wont be able to get out.

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Yeah you’ve got it. But I see you’ve already got some comprehensive replies below also so no need for me to rehash all that :grin:

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