Thralls Punching Rather than using their Weapon

Unless I directly tell my thrall to attack or have them set to Attack Everything, their is a very high chance that their response to being attacked is to spend the first 15 seconds of combat punching.

Is this happening to anyone else?

Vanilla Barbaric server, no mods, PC, PVE.


Oh I know my neighbors have heard me scream “DRAW YOUR :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: sword you :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Same. Pull your weapon and they will too.

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Yeah… it happens on all ports. I play on PlayStation and it still occurs. It’s been that way for a long time.


Seems to happen most often if they get hit before reacting (set to Guard Me and they get targeted first, for example). I usually have my thralls set that way because I am horribly forgetful and Attack All Enemies results in unintended consequences at the Spire and Sepermeru.

What I usually do to try to get around this when a thrall is following me is to order them to attack so they pull their weapon out immediately instead of letting the enemy come to us.

(Fun fact: you can also cause enemies to do this; it’s fun to hit a Cimmerian before they can draw their weapon and have them try to fisticuffs you to death. When I played on Savage Wilds, it was my most effective tactic against Hyperboreans🤣).

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The Hyperboreans are generally set up for a predominant attack with their fists, as far as I understand. This is a different issue.

It’s not, as far as I know. Hit them quick, before they get out their weapons and you can do a decent amount of damage before they pull out their javelins and throwing axes (the latter of which are dangerous af).

My warriors have already cleared 5 or 6 Hyperborean camps, and they always thrash with their fists. I saw weapons only with the main witch, Louhi (sword). I have seen the exact same videos online.

Usually I have noticed this when the thrall is attacked and hit at specific times. Its more likely to happen when they are attacked before I am. But even then the event is usually quite uncommon. Its exacerbated by the fact that it can compound itself when they are continually being hit and only occasionally do they just attack without a weapon.

This gets worse if the server has gone more than 3 days without a restart (depending on many other factors as a fresh server can go ~4 days). A reboot might help here if its not already been done.

That has been my experience as well. Even when I am attacking, they no longer attack. They only begin to attack if I get hit or the punching thing if they get hit.

That’s a good thought. The servers I play are are auto-rebooted each morning around 4:00 AM local.

I take aggro when they start doing that till they kick in.

Yes the punching bare handed is annoying but as someone mentioned, draw your or (if it’s alrdy out) put it away and draw your weapon.
For me the most annoying thing is how my thralls will draw their weapon, rush at the attacker and then stop right in front of them like”would you like to hit me before I try to hit you?”
I mean srsly, wtf is that?
I can see nerfing their stats in some regards but why nerf their behavior.

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There’s a setting on UE4 engine relative to the AI ‘smartness’ (to stay shorter and not too much nerdy).
The default value of CE is very low (was 20 before in the past), other players have experimented raising the value until 2K (base should be actually 120) in server environments, seeing then a great difference about any NPC how react to fight, not only thralls, with zero loose performance.

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