Thralls resetting trained EXP on server reboot. More bugs

Thralls keep resetting trained EXP on server reboot. For days sometimes. It has been going on long enough. It must stop. If scripting the operation is too difficult then have the thralls finish uncompleted training on server reboot, instead of resetting trained time to zero.

When I remove spoiled food from the Thrall Wheel, the game warns me ‘removing untrained thralls from the wheel will kill them, do I wish to kill them?’ I say no because I was removing spoiled food. Then it repeats the question, but the normal response to confirm your decision is “YES”, (in computer parlance anyway), but saying yes here destroys the thrall you already said you did not want to destroy!! Why am I being asked if I want to destroy a thrall twice when I said “No” the first time? Heck I was just tossing spoiled food! Fix this someday please, it’s stupid. All those named thralls tossed out with the spoiled food.

And what happened to “Mei the Blade?” She hasn’t spawned in about 2-3 weeks after a quick fix patch I think. Warros, all the time, Mei never. Bugged I think.

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Negative. Just bad luck. I don’t know the rest of your bug report, but as far as the actual spawn, Mei is working as of the latest build. Could change on testlive though for all I know :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’re being asked the same question again (that’s a bug, of course) but the normal choice when asked a repeat question is to answer it the same. You’re not being asked to “confirm your first choice” here. So repeat question - bug - which will solve the issue of “yes/no” the second time, because it shouldn’t ask again at all.

The “nature of random” plus the (very human) element of confirmation bias is what’s at play here I think :slight_smile: Humans are terrible at “random”, we want to see patterns in everything.

Can’t say I’ve seen this, so it’s not universal (if it was it’d probably be a whole lot easier to fix). In particular I’ve had one thrall that it has taken me weeks to finish because I never get around to stocking the wheel he’s at with enough food, so it’s always just whatever I have in hand when I visit. His progress, while understandably slow, has not been reset at any point.

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