Thralls seem to be slower at catching up under certain conditions

I’ve noticed this while farming the mounds. I’m sure most recognize the setting. The picture below was static for around 5 minutes. While I have not tried it on live, I never seemed to have this problem.

It wasn’t until I reached the following screenshot that the Berserker decided to port to me, and that took more than a few seconds, maybe 30?

Is this too subjective, or should I compare the same on live? Perhaps heights tend to scare thralls?



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From my experiences, if you go off a cliff, thralls do take a bit to teleport down or up to you as they cannot chase after you. Now thralls also are just inconsistent, sometimes they will chase right behind you/port immediately. Other times you will be looking around and see them nowhere for minutes on end. Guess they need personal time.

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They’re also scared of water.

Lol that too

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