Thralls still not crossing water or teleporting with me over cliffs

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So over a year ago, I gave up on Conan because my thralls stopped following me or teleporting to me over cliffs or rivers. I started playing again a few days ago because I missed the game only to find the same problem still exists. My base is near The eye that never closes and my thrall (tiger) stayed at Riversend for over an hour until I realised I had to go back for him. HE WAS ON FOLLOW so I have no idea why he never eventually teleported to me but this was the reason I stopped playing before and I am so let down its still a big issue. please please put back the instant teleport I beg you because it’s come to the point that now I cannot take thralls out with me.
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have a tame follow and swim across a river. keep going until you reach base.
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With the next major patch coming in less than a week to AI, you should revisit this issue then.

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my game was completely wiped this morning so everything’s completely gone.

Hi @Zeda1988, welcome to the forums!

We’ve been improving the thrall behavior and have also added a rescue mechanic to help deal with issues similar to the one you’ve brought up, you can read more about it here:

I had the same problem with my Xbox single player game that Thralls would not follow across water and cliffs. Advice I was given was to clear my Xbox cloud saves of Conan and start a new single player game. That little bit of advice worked and kept me enjoying the game , the new rescue command doesn’t make your thrall follow any better you’ll just lose all their equipment when you rescue them. It does work great if the Thralls get stuck under the world where you can’t get them. I had even tried a complete reinstall of the game but didn’t help. Hopefully everything works out.

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