Thralls that are left behind after a base decays

Game mode: [Online
Problem: | Bug
Region: [EU]

When are you going to give us the means to kill off or take control of the thralls that get left behind after a base decays? We have built on a area where there was a base before and there are Thralls that we can’t control, where as the thralls that are in our base that we have converted are walk through able the others are not and if they get in a passageway or on stairs you can’t get past them. We need some way of either taking control of them or killing them off.
It is about time you got your heads around this so when a base goes it goes completely rather than leaving a load of stuff around the place, which lets face it has been an ongoing problem for ages.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Destroy a Decayed base
    2.Walk around the map and see them any where on the ground and standing in mid air