Thralls they won't leave

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Last week i started with a new character on my private server, dismantled my old buildings and kill my thralls. But some of these old thralls swim in the water and can’t kill them. I spawn crocs and dragons in the water but nothing happened.
Any suggestions? It’s PvE btw

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Only way I know how to get rid of old thralls other then bringing a monster to kill them or killing them yourself would be to start a new game. Not just remake your character but to overwrite the entire game save. It’s probably the fastest way to do it.

Good luck out there Exile

I spawn some monsters but they can’t reach the thralls in the water. These stupid thralls they refuse to come out of the water. I can’t overwrite my savegame, it’s my server and there are few other players on it.

Oh sorry thought it was a solo game. Enable PvP and use riptide to kill them underwater. :wink:

I’ll try it :grinning:
I will rebuild my old base in a better way on this place.

I suggest the same thing @Wak4863 said. Wait till no one else is on the server (or make a password for this short span of time). Then turn on PvP, increase the damage dealt by player to 10x aswell as the damage taken by NPCs. Then grab a good bow or tool (you can’t use normal weapons since it’s underwater) and kill them. Make sure to reset the server settings and remove the password afterwards :wink:

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That Sounds like a perfect solution. Thank you very much.

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