Thralls try to mate with me and I end up inside them

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug | Performance | Misc
Region: Oceanic

Server is #2950 PVE-g-portal
While walking around with say an elephant or rhino, if you stop the thrall walks right over you and you get stuck inside it with no way out. occasionally you can jump out to the side and you may become unstuck. Only way I have found to fix is to have the thrall stop following you and then turn off the xbox for 20 or so minutes until the thrall finds its way back to the last guard position. once you start again you are in the last location without your thrall but at least you can keep moving.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: with a thrall
2.stop randomly and thrall will walk right over you or if you jump off a cliff thrall will spawn on you.

Suggestion is to keep thralls at least 3 metres from you.

Hi @jonskin, welcome to the forums, we’re aware of this issue with large pets and it’s being looked into.

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