Thralls vanishing , no mention on lthe logs

this is the first time this happens to me,. i play over official server

was hauling baby pets (elephants) to our farm location, i died, when i came back i was unable to see the thrall near my dying spot, i opened the the foillower screen, i marked the eye icon thing to see him on the map, i was literally next to the place where thrall was supposed to be, but no where to be found, a few minutes later i noticed the thrall was no longer in the follower menu, like vanished, so , i went to check on the event log how it died, to my surprise there is no mention of the thrall dying, no mention of the lootback or anything it was carrying (Baby elephants) nothing, its like it never existed.

dunno what the hell happened there. but it is really weird. and cant find any logical explanation
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Would be nice to get an update on this bug as it has been happening for months but seems its a bug that has been forgot, so maybe funcom will give us an update as its been reported again.

Sounds like your thrall fell through the world. We had a similar issue on Larathiel’s server a while back:


the weird thing is that there is nothing on the event log, nothing, the lootbag it should driop with its contenet is also not logged , thralls dead is not logged, it just simply vanished.

There was nothing for us in the event log either, however you could see the death and the item decay in the database. Larathiel has explained it in great details in his post.

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YUP thanks i read it , and it certainly looks about the same it happened to us. being this a rare bug, i guess, its hard for them to actually fix it…

lets hope it wont become systemic in the game.

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Return to spot your thrall was last Guarding. They will return to that spot after abit of time. (which may not be were you think it is… cause I’ve done that, told them stay at bottom of hill so I could mine in peace)

Eye icon isnt very up to date sometimes. May need to glance over map a few times.

In most cases, there below ground. And will return to last spot told to guard… at worst, you may need recall them, losing everything they had on them.

If there not on follower list, I would check East or West of breach (I forgot that exact spot) were reset npc/thralls etc can end up.

good idea but if it is gone from the list, they are probably dead

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Hey @Palm522

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll send it to the team in a new report ticket to see if they can reproduce it on their end this time.


It caught my eye that most of the times this bug happened people were afk with a thrall in following mode
( it might be a combination of locations since it happened to people moving , and the fact that when afk with a thrall following it will randomly teleport behind , in front ect… every now and then when you are on a rock or unregular ground )

What I mean is maybe it will be easier to reproduce and have more occurences of the bug internally if you just set a follower on follow and stay afk at the problematic locations ( from the various post and occurences on my official server , the hand of the maker area seems a promising area to test , and “near” new asagarth a bit to the north east if my memory is correct would be another good location to test )

The most I lost was 4 thralls in 2 hours just outside of “The Floe” entrance BP_SafetyNET seems to be eating the thralls but I did regularly see my frost giant triggering it and not disappearing until today and then 1 frost giant 1 great sabertooth 1 greater wolf, and 1 aesir warrior fell through the world NET the console command showed the error and they were gone I though it was related to a initiate purge command I was doing but it may be distance related. I also thought it was picking up on local wild life ie mammoths which seem to be halfway submerged until I’m in range sometimes. Solo player PC no mods under 50 thralls, small base travelling back and forth between Serpermeru and Temple of Frost

Tonight I had a lvl 20 Aesir Berserker with Frost Giant Armor and a legendary hammer vanish with nothing in the event logs. It happened during a storm while I was farming. Lots of loot bags on the ground and about 6 other thralls in the area.

Happened to me a few weeks ago, I died my thrall stayed and was still fighting when I got back. I returned in time to see him fall over the cliff, however no death notice he just vanished from the follower list, no body so I couldn’t recover anything he was carrying

are you console or PC?

PC, this is the PC updates and bugs section.

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sorry new here only tracked down a dev focused on the issue. the console commands has often told me when the thrall disappeared when ~ is pressed twice not that that helps stop the issue. However are the thralls disappearing in a region where large wildlife like mammoths or frost giants are near by or are you positioned in a high altitude on uneven terrain.

I am playing in Siptah atm. The thrall went missing during a storm in which I was farming greater ???. I have a hunch that the problem is related to the Front Giant armor, or having many loot bags on the ground. I say this because of seeing similar happenings from the past and I am connecting the similarities.

Hello, this has happened to me today, I lost a level 20 Greater Sabertooth after a storm on 6158# PVE Isle of Siptah (PC). It does not show on event logs as dying, but it is no longer appearing on the follower list either.

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I’ve lost my Greater Lynx on the Isle of Siptah in my SP game. Nothing in the log, but when I opened console I saw message, somewhat like “…falling through the world, this shouldn’t happen”. Looks like my Humbert was fighting a crock outside my “fish house” when this happened. Thanks Crom I know a bit of SQlite so I found a saved game where Humbert was still alive and just copied all the rows with his ID in different tables to my last saved game, and he is back, safe and sound. :smiley_cat:

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