Thralls well broken plus some lag issues

Game mode: Online Officiall server PvP
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: EU

First thing is the rubber banding of players,mobs and npcs. Npcs when fought they just teleport all over the place. This is not my internets fault cause I don’t have problem with it playing other games. All my clan mates got the same issue. Second thing. Thrall npcs spawn. They spawn on the top of each other. Sometimes there is 2 or 3 of them layered out. It happens with the named ones mostly. At least the one that’s near my base. Lian. Third thing. Thralls when knocked out bug out while being dragged around. Going through the floor. Going through the ground. It always happens while you try to fix the binding while it’s still attached to the thrall. They always bug out. They still go through the ground when you knock them out with full combo.
FUNCOM please look into these issues cause the game becomes very frustrating.
I love the game but stuff like that happening will drive people away.