Thralls with problems with attacks

Thralls with problems with attacks, Thralls perform no more than one attack.
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Video Youtube the Thrall with problem in atack…

Try with a 1h weapon, if i remember well, each thrall have a kind of speciality.
The weapon the thrall get when you place it, is the speciality :þ

I tried … and it continues at the same time …

Sometimes it helps if you hit them, like “hey, wake up”. And just to be sure, check their AI setting.

Can confirm this is actually not working as intended. I have about 60 thralls All S-tier type surges to now the T4 Purge variants to back packers. Fighters which would use my Legion Mace with 74 damage would do full 4 hit light and heavy mixed combos, now swing once and end.

The issue seems to revolve around one variable. Which is whether or not the thrall is following you or not. When they follow you some weapons classes become a 1 hit attempt then the Thrall stops. However, once you have them stop following you standing in the same place (try this in a vault). Have the thrall attack enemies and in the middle of the fight, open the thrall wheel and have them “Stop following” they will begin to do their attack combos normal as they did before 2.3.

The only instance with thralls that have currently changed in terms of additional options. Is the following distance to players. Going to test this tonight and put them back on 5 meter distance to see if there is any change.

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My Thrall is T3, in T4, its Ok no problemas, more in any other no…bellow t4

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