Thralls wont fight unless barehanded

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Not sure what causes the bug if ita random or if it is other things in the inventory or even if they swap weapons. But once it starts all following thralls seem to oonly engage in fights if they are bare handed. If holding any weapon well s*it out of luck they just stand there like dufus’s copeing blow after blow looking loveling into the eyes of the person draining there health bar down to 0

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I don’t swap weapons with thralls anymore. I now set out for singular purpose with my thrall in tow and I gear them for that purpose. I always equip them with the weapon I want them using before I tell them to follow. Seems anytime I try to swap a weapon they bug. So if I’m thrall hunting they have a truncheon otherwise a killing weapon. I do play PVE so it’s easier then if you were on PVP and needed the added protection when thrall hunting.


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