Threads automatically close...Typical

So, here’s a thought…

Why do threads/topics automatically close after 7 days, if no response? Why use the word “closed”?
Is it more polite than the word “ignored”, or “deleted”? I can only imagine, based on threads I’ve read that, that’s how the majority of us PS4 users feel…

Look, Funcom…I understand your frustration with the community, thinking we’re being unfair, impatient, down right rude at times…but look at it from our perspective.

We’re thinking that you’re thinking: Conan Exiles and PS4…worked well, sort of, on PC…so let’s port it over. Any problems arise, and we’ll open a forum, to assist us in identifying, locating, and isolating problems. Good plan…but here’s the actual problem.

You ask for specifics…Who, what, when, where, and how, and we tell you…in our own unique ways. May not be directly in the format you requested, but it’s to the best of our ability.
You ask us to check if the problem was already reported or solved…and we do that too. But usually we find that it has been reported, but not responded to. So we report it again. And again. Until someone over there actually responds.

Then, when we do get a response, the response is about as helpful as pouring gas on a fire. “We are aware of the problem, and the devs are working on it.” or my personal favorite; “It has been fixed on TestLive.”

I don’t know what TestLive is, I just know that it’s not my PS4. And a ball park ETA on problem solving would be better than the silence the majority of us get.

We paid good money for your product, and the way we feel treated for our donation…Yes, I meant donation (We gave money for nothing in return), is sadly something I’d expect from the IRS…we feel completely and utterly cheated.

Then, to top it off, you dare charge PS4 users for downloadable content?..seriously??? You guys must be outta your fother muckin minds to think that most of us would be dumb enough to give you more money for a defective product.

And the fact, that you guys are able to strike deals with other publishers tells me that you’re fudging your QA and PR reports.

I know that there’s no point in typing all this. Deaf ears, and all…but at least I got to say

This thread will be dele…erm, closed…in 7 days if no response.


I agree that the 7 day rule is an unmitigated nuisance. At least make it 14 days, if you don’t want to abolish it altogether.

They did give dates for the patches, and they were practically butchered in the forums for not meeting the ETAs. So people told them to stop giving estimates or to give wider estimates.

What reply would you like them to give? You require them to acknowledge you, but it needs to have a meaningful acknowledgement with a date attached? Do you think the staff who reply on these forums speak on behalf of their programmers?

You would rather they don’t sell it to PS4 users? Its cosmetic stuff, you don’t have to buy it. Its not like they’re selling you bug-fixes.


TestLive is the platform they use for testing new features and bug fixes before releasing it to live. so if they tell you that something is fixed on TestLive, it means it’s probably going to be released on the next patch to PC and soon afterwards to consoles. So it’s an entirely valid answer to your question - they cannot give a specific date for the patch release because it’s never completely certain when the whole patch is ready.

They can sometimes patch individual features on their own, but often stuff in something as complex as this game is so interdependent that they cannot fix something without touching other (sometimes unexpected) elements of the game, so even if the feature you were asking about is ready in TestLive, its final release may be delayed.

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Threads have a decay timer :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Threads important to one person are not necessarily important to the rest of us. Nothing wrong with closing an inactive thread after 7 days.


If you run around the forums with a repair hammer, you can see how long your thread has left and then refresh it by standing there for a while.

Oh… Hang on a minute…

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Not at all. We’re very aware that we are all here through a common goal: We love Conan Exiles and we want it to be the best it can be :slight_smile:

That can lead to frustration. Frustration is always born out of passion and because people care about something.

Regarding threads closing after 7 days. That is a forum feature and happens automatically if there is no answer in over a week. The wording is also default by the forum software and not chosen specifically by us. It’s definitely not our intention to have this come over as impolite.

We do feel however that one week to answer a thread should be sufficient. In the past we had threads “necroed” for no reason whatsoever. You can also always contact us to ask if we could re-open a thread manually and we’d be happy to do that if it would indeed be fitting.

I am sorry you feel our answers are inadequate but we are always answering with best intend and to the best of our knowledge. If we have ETAs we will give them where and whenever possible.
Regarding Console update: We are working on those and will let you know as soon as we have more info and ETA.

This isn’t a Funcom thing. It’s a forum setting. Some companies do not set an age limit, some do. It’s nothing to di woth suppressing ideas or conversations. There is no tin foil hat needed. It’s just some one (probably in the marketing communications group) decided they want X days of archives.

Can it be a pain… Yes. On the other hand, there are no 6 month old Necro topics either which is a good thing too. So really, why worry? It would be similar to complaining about the up/down vote system on Reddit. It’s just something you roll with.

I think 7 days is plenty enough time to answer a thread.

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