Threat / Aggro system & lock-on


I’ve been playing the release with one of my best friends almost non-stop, though we noticed a few things that often seems weird and even so a bit frustrating in regards of combat & enemies.

  1. Most monsters will follow you to the end of the world if you don’t go through great lengths to dodge them, there is no aggro drop off, which makes kiting very rewarding and fun, but when you don’t intend to fight, you can still have a spider (which has a higher movement speed than the player) constantly on your tail. It’s a bit double edged in this way ,where, in certain situations it works and in others it doesn’t just quite)

  2. Another ‘issue’ we found with most monsters and enemies is their threat system. As soon as you give them about one love-tap, they will turn around on a dime in a split second to retaliate at you. Because how dare you stab them in the back. Perhaps there could be a more damage focused aggro system during combat, Im not really sure how this could be solved.

  3. The lock-on system seems to prefer players? But that might be anecdotal and not for everyone. Maybe there could be a system or a toggle to turn off ock-on on clan members?

I wonder if anyone else is having issues/gripes/problems with any of this, I’d love to hear opinions.

Thank you in advance for your time to read!

ya they need a toggle for locking on clam members. or have separate buttons for mob/player

Locking is a mess.
It prioritizes my thralls over enemies and it prioritizes more distant enemies over the closer ones.