Threat level 9 purge never ending. commander wont spawn. enemies walking through doors

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Anvil of Crom
Mods: Simple Minimap (by Xevyr) v1.3.4

ive tried every threat level purge with little issue except level 10. i have run into monumental problems on a level 9 twice in a row. a threat level 9 purge seems to be never ending. the commander will not spawn. these purges go on for almost an hour and theres no commander in sight. sometimes it gets to the point where i cant sit here and continue this any longer and i have to reset my server to force end the purge.

i also have to reset my server and force end the purge after dying once. this is because once you die and respawn, every building piece, every door way, pretty much EVERYTHING takes an eternity to render in. if i respawn behind a closed door after dying, the door is invisible. i cant open it, i cant run through it. i have to admin teleport out of the building. this gets me unstuck, but the pretty much everything in my vicinity, enemies included, take forever to load in. i get swarmed by invisible enemies that i cant attack. sometimes after dying, as much as 15 minutes after respawning, there are still invisible enemies and doors/gates that wont render in and cannot be used. my thralls are getting overrun defending my treasure coffer and i cant help them because half the enemies are invisible or lagging terribly. this primarily happens after dying.

the commander refusing to spawn and challenge me happens on threat level 9 regardless of dying or not. this is the second night in a row ive tried a threat level 9 purge and the result is the same. eternal purge, never ending enemies marching in, no commander, just mindlessly killing and killing and killing and killing and killing and killing and killing enemies with no reward.

enemies also run around in circles trying to attack archers on walls above them that they cannot hit. rather than continuing on their path to the next door to try to smash down, they just run up against walls below the archers and stand there doing nothing. or they run back and forth as the archers shoot them and do nothing. enemies keep running through doors and attacking them from the other side. enemies will run through the player character, turn around and hit him in the back when the player is trying to hold a tight choke point.

are threat level 9 purges supposed to last this long? no other threat level purge came close to lasting as long as these level 9’s. i still have never seen a commander spawn on level 9. last night so many enemies flooded my base that the lag made the game unplayable. no commander in sight.

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Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. Can you tell us if you observed this behavior without using mods?

Also, would it be possible for you to record a video to better showcase the issues found?

We appreciate your assistance with this matter.

hey, thanks for the reply!

i have not tried it without mods, however i only use the mini map mod so i didnt think this would have too great an effect on the server.

i can absolutely record a video and post it here. my friend and i actually planned on doing that. thank you for taking the time to read my post. we will prepare a video shortly

I can confirm this.

It’s been happening to me as well and I’ve lost several thralls today because of those problems. Tried restarting game many times, tried restarting steam. Resulting in endless loading screen with the sounds of battle being heard (game was supossed to be loaded, but I could not do anything, stuck in the loading screen) I almost lost all my gear and stuff, because I was not able to retrieve my dead body loot for about 15 minutes.

Enemies and demolishers were spawning inside the walls or behined the closed doors where the coffer was placed, managed to demolish some of my workbenches, because I had no idea they spawned there, when the door was at the place and not demolished. Found out only thanks to dying and then respawning at my bed to witness this.

Though I always managed to get to the point when the Hand of War spawned and challenged me, but because of those issues I lost some of my best thralls.

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