Threat meter for Purges?

We are all hoping Purges will finally start working as intend this patch, but there is a serious problem behind the Purges mechanics that needs to be addressed now… People complain Purges are just too easy now and they are correct. Its not about Purges being easy, its about how long it took until they were fixed (and they havent yet! We are all hoping they will finally start working as intend this patch…)

Some brutal bugs made Purges useless in the past:

  1. Never happen, people simply didnt get attacked in the first months, whenever they got an attack it immediately failed.
  2. On rare occasions Purges kicked in, mobs didnt do damage on structures…
  3. Nowdays Purges do damage, but people are still hardly ever attacked
  4. Keep thralls around is easy, it requires nothing (now they will die with no food), so people have hundreds of thralls now.

After months playing on Easy Mode people have created massive kingdons, with an army of thralls equiped with the best epic gear… Funcom claims the code behind purge targets have been fixed, AI fixed, keeping thralls alive will require food, etc… but all these changes took too long to happen, now players have literally armies at their command with massive T3 bases… no Purges will go through that now.

Purges should never be about strength, they should be about frequency. Funcom should implement something like a “threat meter” each clan/player has, this meter calculated by how large their influence goes. Basically the more you build, the more thralls you have, the more land you have claimed increases this meter. The higher is the player/clan meter the faster the Purge meter should fill.

Players and big clans hit by Purges in a accelerate frequency would start losing control over their abusive number of outposts across the map, we all know people like to build everything, even if its a useless small house with a carpenter bench only. Even extremely large clans will start losing some locations, most cant defend/repair everything at this rate, even if they can it will become boring and make people wonder if they wanna spend all their time grinding materials to daily repair damage. This is how you would make Purges harder, not with strength, with frequency.


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