Three Kingdoms RP [PC] [Extremely High end dedicated Server]

From the creators of “Skyrim is Feudal” a Life is Feudal Role-play Server comes… Three Kingdom RP. A unique and interesting Role-play server… Let me start off with that we are a new server with a small admin team, so we are recruiting admins to help manage our Server, Website & our new Discord.

Connection Info:
Server: [UK] Three Kingdoms RP
Slots: 70 Players
Website: (Under Construction)

So what’s so different about our server to others? Well we would like everyone that plays on our server to have a unique role-playing experience… Examples: (Realistic looking buildings & architecture. Custom tailored laws within each Kingdoms territories, election systems & Player driven Economy) We would also like the community to make suggestions like server settings, mods or if rules should be changed to help create the best role-playing experience!

And for those on the fence… Yes our server is run off a dedicated machine (Specs Below)

OC Intel i7 7700k
64GB DDR4 2400 MHz RAM
x2 450 GB SSD Dives
RAID 1 Configuration

I really do hope you take the time to visit our Discord and ask any questions you might have!

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