Three Quick Thrall Questions

Is there any point in getting thralls below T4, besides when you’re beginning game and don’t have easy access to them, or the strength to beat them? There seems to be T4 thralls for everything, even if you take away the ones that are purge only. Also are there like ultimate T5 thralls? I have never seen humans in purges yet.

Is there anywhere I shouldn’t bring my thralls? I have been playing for a long time, but I restarted a character so I haven’t even seen half the game. I was told not to bring thralls in the volcano area because they fall off ledge and whatnot. I don’t get that as I have never seen a thrall fall off anything.

I know when you die your thrall goes back to the last spot you set it to guard, unless it dies. What is unclear for me is, can it die while walking home? I mean, could you actually see your thrall walking back if you retrace your steps? OR does this mean it dies against a monster that killed you only? And if it doesn’t die, it just vanishes into limbo for ten minutes?


Thralls like to fall cause they walk A to B, even thou they should go down hill and around ledge to get to you… which can lead to small bits of fall damage. And sometimes… they appear 20feet in air and then fall for no stupid reason and die. -_-’

t4 in most cases are so insanely OP,
T3, are decent in stats, and compare (can) to some of old day t3-4 thralls. There easier to find and break and Work just as good as t4 in making stuff. (outside small boost in time)

I use mostly t3’s so I can replace them at anytime. t4’s… I collect them to collect them in fill in spots at my bases. I never found such major advantage to going all out for them. (again, after thrall leveling update, several of them are over powered)

I can speak only for offline, they will teleport after about 10mins, thou in most cases i will find thrall standing about were I died or once I get close enough for area to load. They reactivate and will ether teleport or start fighting anything near by. (do to way offline loads everything on consoles)

I dont bring “important” thralls to the Jungle… takes one leap attack or gorilla or bird to knock them off a ledge. -_-’
itlest when roaming up top… down below, Never had issue. XD (outside random, “why in hell are you up there!? NO Don;t walk off to get to me…” For love of…



Thanks for the answers. So the jungle is to avoid bring out important thralls to?

Haven’t been there but so far I am lucky with thralls. Whenever they’re across a body of water or I’m high up a mountain and them below, or the other way around, they just stand there doing nothing until I walk away far enough, then they just teleport right by me. Only once I saw my thrall far away start running all across the map.

In time u will learn that the ONLY important thralls r the benched ones… all else can be replaced. Depends on time and effort u r willing to spare with them… For me train some high end t4’s fighters and archers abd place em at ur base (with safety from boss pullers) so they guard ur belongings. Other than that level a couple of them so they can acompany u wherever u need to feel safe… the area that is really dangerous for thralls is the volcano and the reason is simple … thralls use teleportation when u rush or move around to catch up with u (as even captured thralls/pets maintain the speed parameter they had as npcs )… if they teleport in a lava stream and remain there for as long as needed till their hp depletes (lets say cause u do something and stay in vincinity where no further teleportation needed), the thrall dies…same may happen if he decides to tp from point a to b and b is a vertical point with no standing abilities (elevators really high , or deep crevises) , the result will be on thrall to fall (and if fall dmg is enough), and he may die. My personall opinion is to learn to play without one (especially on pve) and use em only when needed… Learn to combat or avoid enemies or dangerous stuff… Good luck with ur thralls


Don’t take thralls into the volcano, they will run into lava, stay in it, and kill themselves.

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All right, so the volcano is definitely to avoid then. I am indeed training thralls then using them as guards in base. Otherwise they serve as pack mules and damage sponges. I need at least a pack mule with me, otherwise all my trips are super short. Don’t see how I’m ever going to make it to the volcano at this point unless I never pick anything up. XD
Thanks the for answers everyone.

T3 cimmerians can easily beat most PVE content, even t2 and t1 with proper gear.

So rather than them being awful, its a matter of t4 being even better.

The T5 Thralls are named and you get them from the Purge. Only certain base areas have certain T5 thralls, the Crafting ones are insane. I run a PVP RP PS4 server with a very low Purge trigger for this reason. We are “Anvil of Crom PVP RP”. And have a discord. Just opened a week ago. Having all your clans beds in a base makes it more likely the Purge will trigger there. Hope you are ready for a challenge and have Upgraded Truncheons!


I take thralls around with me in the Jungle all the time without issue, but I generally don’t engage in much combat on cliff-tops. Where I have lost thralls though is while navigating the much taller cliffs at Skyfall Ridge and Jhil’s Roost.

As for the volcano… yes, it’s bad news for thralls. Even if someone builds a highway from the obelisk down to the Well of Skelos (as I’ve done), sharp turns or switchbacks along the path can confuse the AI. Even with walls and railings capable of saving a player, thralls may still end up teleporting into lava as they try to play catch-up.

BTW, one benefit of T3 thralls, or even T4s from non-endgame factions is that they require a lot less XP to level-up. This can be beneficial if you’re short on playing time.

As for the teleport home function, be aware that they may not teleport if their AI is being kept active (i.e by being in close proximity to a player). I’ve had thralls disappear for hours because they were left in the base of a player who was logged-in but AFK and thus their AI remained active.


What level u r? No thrall can match the carrying capacity of ur character…

Aye, other than the thralls with backpacks I can carry way more than they can. But they have enough space for wood and rocks so I gave them that. Problem is I had to put a lot of points in encumbrance to b able to get anything done, with or without thralls. I’m level 44. If I want to wear heavy armor later, you need lots encumbrance no? Sorry, sort of going off topic here.

I don’t know nearly enough about this game to be useful clan member. XD My base s still near newbie river and all I get is imps for purge. I need to move somewhere else soon. Looking forward to getting stronger enemies and special thralls. What is the upgrade truncheon? The one that comes with the third wheel of pain? Don’t have that wheel yet.

Thanks for the tips @Larathiel. Haven’t seen any of those areas yet but I will be careful. And yes I am short on playing time. One hour and a half, two hours max a day, bit more on weekends. Chose wrong game to play XD I could rig everything up to be easy in admin panel but I think that would ruin a lot of the fun.
So if ten minutes passes and thralls aren’t home, then either they died, or it’s that last thing you said. I guess the event log doesn’t say anything until thrall is dead? One of mine fell in rhe ground and I went ghost mode to retrieve her but I messed up and I think she fell into the endless programming void. It said she died following me but the event log never recorded it. I guess she died further away than 10000 miles?

Also does anyone know why thralls are so useless when they have both a weapon and truncheon? My thrall almost never uses her truncheon. Like I’m trying to knock out a cannibal brute and she does NOTHING. Her truncheon is out but… nothing. If I go in a camp though, she rushes in there and knocks everyone out. Fighting enemies and she switched between hammer and truncheon and does not really help. What is with this?

Thralls get brain damage when you do a weapon swap during combat. Mostly when you switch from a 1 handed weapon to a 2 handed or vis versa. You can avoid this by not swapping during combat. The testlive version of the game seems to have solved this issue. If you do find your thrall stuck in that state there are a couple work arounds you can use.

Here’s a video that explains how to get the thrall working again.


Thanks for video. Seems a bit of a hassle, although now at least I know what I am doing wrong. That shouldn’t be though…what is testlive version?

Testlive is a version of the game for PC that Funcom updates and allows people to play and test then report bugs for fixing prior to launching to the “Live” version on PC and console. There is a whole section of the forums dedicated to it. You can poke around there and see new features that are in development for the game. If you’re not much into reading you can subscribe to my channel as I regularly post videos about features that are in testlive.

Here is an overview of what’s in testlive currently.

Testlive Updated, New Features working, Followers on Map | Conan Exiles 2020


U can take the backpack from them and wear it ur self (it will give u +5 encumbrance)… u need 41 encumbrance (39 if u add up buffs -from lets say a rhino soup or a warpaint) and a flawless heavy normal armour ( that gives +9) . Now to further complicate it, u can have +5 from bearer pack ,+7 from flawless encumbrance armour and +3 from a buff ( warpaint, elixir,rare fish, rhino soup) to a total of +15… so 35 encumbrance and the above mentioned buffs r more than enough to he a super bearer…

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