Three things I've noticed

Game mode:: All game modes
Type of issue:: Bug/Other
Server type: All types
Region:: North America
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

  1. Undead sometimes do not attack. If for any reason such as poor position an undead pet doesn’t attack it will not do so until combat is over. They will sometimes even turn their back on the enemy. If they do get the first attack off then they will continue to do so regardless of position or interruption.

  2. Cimmerians have darker skin than they should. The reason I think this is a bug is because like the body shape bug that existed recently this is noticeable by comparing their inventory icon with the actual npc. Cimmerians should be only slightly darker than Nordheimers if any but currently they are among the darkest skinned races in the game.

  3. Not a bug but distracting once noticed is the fact that female hands are oversized, fairly significantly oversized.

I realize these are minor issues, except maybe the undead attack bug but I hope they get addressed all the same. It’s funny how the more realistic the visuals have gotten in games the more they’re noticeable and bothersome when they are off.

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