Thri-kreen mantis warriors?

someone should make a thri-kreen mod…this game screams dark sun all over it :slight_smile:


Almost as though it’s based on a fairly influential fantasy setting from over a century ago :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what half of this one’s gaming group thought until they saw it was a Conan game.

Stone and bone gear?
Hunting for slaves?
Sandstorm about to kill you?

Now we have sorcery.
It may not defile the land, but seeing a shrivelled husk that had just been soul drained certainly hit the Sorceror King just yoinked someone’s life force through an obsidian focus mark.

Considering classic Sword and Sorcery was one of the inspirations for Athas, that this game is giving those vibes means they have definitely done something right.

Patrician taste, but that would be a fairly involved mod.

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New Conan update: Age of Athas

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We do have those odd spider things left by the storm which look cool and a little more Athas like.


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