Throwing stones idea

it would be nice if you could throw stones…maybe even you could upgrade it with alchemist station and add oil to the throwing stones and when you throw it the stone will be on fire and do fire dmg…it would really be nice for low tire build of a sorcerer…

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i’ve alway think that the game was missing a slingshot for lvl 4 to 15.
Couldn’t be hard to craft (fiber or leather maybe ?) and stones would be amo


It would require a whole new animation set though, so it would have to add something more than just “wouldn’t it be cool if”. Lvls 4-15 are over in the blink of an eye, adding a whole mechanic specific to just that segment doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. (ETA: talking about the slings)

As for stones, there are alchemical orbs, including fire ones, that you can throw at people - and it has been described as a poor man’s sorcery by Funcom at least once.

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