Ticket question

how do I DELETE a ticket in my Email-folder properly ?
If I click at the “delete”-button at the end of the automated Funcom-answer all it does is create a NEW ticket…:roll_eyes:
( I managed to get a 2x12-month-membership now somehow - ok - and I fear that the brave lonely Indian/Ukrainian support guy could mess up my now-working Premium account in the next weeks/months)
btw getting a sub in Aoc is a REAL pain, seriously…

I wrote my support-ticket in 12/07/2019 - it was answered (by a personal e-mail ) in 01/16/2020 - thanks;
I wrote that ticket as a (new) PREMIUM - member and a waiting period of ~ 6 weeks is kind of…okayish, I guess -
but reading the forum and talking ingame to people the REAL problem is that a LOT of people are stuck during their subscription process and their support tickets are ( probably) regarded as random “free-to-play-spam” by Funcom´s support system - if at all…
Thats an absolute disaster and Funcom HAS to fix/repair AoC`s broken account system in one way or another -

The account system has always been broken, but with support dropping from the levels of a response in just 2-3 days to now 1-3 months, that is far more of an issue. I can’t understand why Funcom is completely happy and satisfied with this situation.

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