Ticket taking insanely long for such sn urgent issue

So i waited 4 months for a ticket and still didnt come (account compromise) and i just went to andyb on discord and he just moved it into the right section for fc to look at going on 5 months now and in that time im lucky the chars arent deleted, why the hell is it taking 5-6months for fc to answe account compromising issues. This is a major issue of secuity and more. I never share info so this was a issue with security on ao.

I get covid ect but ive seen tickets about random stuff like sub issues and issues ingame bugs (made into ticket) and login issues (wayyy less important of an issue) get answered and semi fixed in under a month rven during COVID-19 what the hell fc

[Funcom Support #1139386 If GMs need to answer it like please

This is normal. Nothing to do with covid. I am not joking when I say this. You could create another ticket but I am sure you will have the same results.

Still nothing @AndyB

I’ve already been in contact with you over Discord and forum DMs. Closing thread.