Tier 1 Pen - Appears Empty with Adult Pets

Test-live - Solo-Player

Offline Mode
Female Armor/Body

I have three (full grown) Jaguars in a Tier 1 pen, but when looking at the pen, I do not see the jaguars standing in their respective pen.

The Jaguars, food, and dung (that is produced) all show in the inventory.

EDIT: I removed all mods and the adult pets still do not show in the pens.

This is just based off my own experience when they don’t show, but if you haven’t tried it then move them around a bit in the 5 spots they can be placed in the pen :slight_smile: tends to work for me, when they stop showing for whatever reason

This is not the case when I play on our Xbox - Rented Server. Each adult pet can be seen in one section of the pen. It is actually pretty cool, because they growl and make other noises as caged animals would.

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