Tier upgrade for animal pen and wheel

Shrines can be upgraded from tier 1 to 2, and from 2 to 3. It would be nice if the animal pens and wheel of pain could upgraded in the same way. Perhaps even the crafting tables could be upgradable as well.

Just a thought


Agree with you about the animal pens, but not about the wheel. The primary difference here being the building’s footprint. The higher tier wheels of pain are larger in size and occupy a larger footprint. If I’m not mistaken, the taming pens are the same dimensions.


I thought the difference in size was minimal, I know that the difference in size for the tier 1-3 for the shrines is about 1/2 block in both directions. If you were to build for the size differential it should work, or am I mistaken?

Without verifying, I think the first wheel is 3x3, the level 30 wheel is 4x4, and the final wheel is 5x5. I can’t remember what the height dimensions are. If the size were accounted for, it’s theoretically possible. I’m not a programmer, but if I had to guess, I think the coding to implement the size change would be a nightmare. If this idea were to be pursued, it would probably be easier to create a new building piece altogether - a 4th wheel of pain whose size didn’t change but appearance did, similar to the altars.

I think it’s a neat idea and worth exploring, tbh. Maybe make it cost more than the other versions as compensation for the increased convenience?


I didn’t know the size differential was so much for the wheels of pain. I have not crafted a T1 or T2 wheel for months. If I restart, I wait till I’m Level 50 to craft the T3. I hate having to destroy a build just to replace with a better version.

The cost increase would be very acceptable if the devs could create a T4 as you suggested.

I know that feeling. It’s why I always put my first wheel on the ground in front of my base. I never bothered to build the T3. The T1’s I place on the ground anywhere because I don’t care about them. (Soloplay, so I don’t have to worry about raids). The T2 is the one I like to build because I almost never train more than 4 at a time anyway, and it’s easy to fit inside a round tower and still be able to put a roof over the top.

It would be good, but I think there are more important things to fix, the issue of armor and weapons of the dlc. these do not yield the same as a set redeemed silences. one buys these packs and they cannot be used in pvp.

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