TikTok, Trump, and Tencent

I can’t seem to paste, not using a pc with keyboard.

Check out or Google TikTok ban.

What about Tencent? I will not be happy if I cannot log Age of Conan after being out of game due to pc issues.

I love playing some old games on an old PC, but getting tired of gaming like it’s 2002.

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I think it was said that the executive order does not include video games. Can’t find the source right now but I read that on several news sites.
Games are “safe” from US side so to say, though I wonder if China / Tencent might try to “demonstrate” their power and withdraw access to “their” games from USA… you know, “to teach them a lesson”. But then again, that would cut off a lot of their income so I doubt they would actually do that.

MMORPG.com even had an article out on it:

Doesn’t look like it will have any effect on the gaming communities.

Just like the last time a parent company got in trouble the ‘oh no the sky is falling crowd’ comes out shouting doom and gloom. I think that one last year effected Tencent too and nothing disrupted the games than either.

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