<TimberWolves> is looking for more PVE'rs! [PC] [Official PVE America 1736] EL->Siptah

Hello, Exiles!
I am the clan leader of TimberWolves on [PC] PVE Official 1736 [America]. We are a clan focused on finishing the game and achievements before we go back to New World.

Currently, we are at the Star Metal quality level and are rapidly progressing through the main quest. We have 3.5 active members and would be happy to fill up, after a brief “trust period,” which would entail some Discord conversations and a look at your public profiles. We’re situated on Exiled Lands server 1736, and might go to Siptah when we are done there.

The requirements are that you be trustworthy, active, and contribute as much as you take. With the resources we have already built, that should be pretty easy! No level requirement - I am also interested in socializing with interesting and intelligent people while playing.

Our main base:

The best way to get in contact with I is over Discord: Qen’Liar#3904
Thanks for reading!