Time for some communication Funcom


Firstly let me say I am pleasantly surprised with the current state of the game overall when compared to how it’s been for the past year or more. The combat changes are refreshing and the game is definitely more stable. Siptah is a great looking map with some cool possibilities for base building so great job surpassing my expectations. That being said things are not where they need to be and I’m posting this message in hope we don’t continue with previous bad habits. There is such a great opportunity to keep a good level of healthy positive momentum for this game, please don’t squander this opportunity. Please communicate with us more often to let us know our concerns our heard and that game breaking issues are being looked at.
With Conan going to game pass this game is popping right now, my ho,e server went from being dead 3 months ago to 40/40 consistently, awesome! Let’s not discourage this new player base by sending a patch once every 6 months which fix some issues but ruin others.

One major issue right now, at least for Xbox, is the amount of west coast servers for siptah: 1 server? What? Why? It’s been almost 2 weeks now, it’s time to pop up at least 1 more yea? People are getting discouraged already, I’ve got clan members that don’t even bother trying to get on now because by the time they get home from work everyone’s trying to get in the 40/40 , hoping someone gets randomly dc’ed. Why are you sabotaging you’re current success? I’m no business guru but this doesn’t make sense. Please let us know when we can expect more servers.
There’s plenty of other issues I won’t go into full detail, major thrall pathing bugs and randomly falling through map and dying are definitely concerning but all you need to do in the meantime is a little communication.

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