Time step simulator?

It would be good to simulate the passage of time, if this is possible, for single player players who do not use a server. That is, I turn off the game, I go to sleep, and time goes by. The crafting continues. The pets are still being raised, the bricks are still being made and the next day I can enter the game and see an advance.


I kind of split on this one, the pros is that I can get a bunch of stuff or thralls on the wheel while I’m offline but then again I have tharalls and animals that would need to be fed constantly then there the purges that I would miss and there dying when you log back on.

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That is why is a Time simulator. Pros and cons.

While I do not play “offline” (which isnt offline to begin with, but well…), I can only say that I would love this being a thing if I was.

Then again I would suggest having this be an optional thing.

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