Time to face the truth!

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Alas my poll has been removed asking the community if they think the other 3 dungeons that have only story mode capability should be scaled to the E1-E10 levels and added to the activity finder to help boost replay ability.
Over 90% voted yes and i was unable to see any further responses to the post nor reclaim it.
During that time you were unable to mention my name on the forums, any mention would be edited by a moderator. (sad)
However, a petition is underway and plans further after that to push for answers as to the future of SWL.
We can not continue to financially support a game that seemingly has absolutely no direction or development plans.
Silence is not an option
We have been there before and lessons were learned the hard way.
Conned we were yes, once bitten and twice as shy - unless you are an absolute fool and believes everything told to you in the discord because they have a pretty icon that says “Dev” or “GM”

The realm of funcoms control only resides here - outside of it - they have none, but they do have to answer to someone.
To be sure, there will be some recycled content on its why for a shamiversary but much like last year, Funcom will hope the community will pull it out the bag and do more than they could ever do - to take the pressure off them for not doing very much at all.

Who has to face that truth?
Well we have - how about them?

beware - speaking the truth comes at a price.
It’s not a costly one, but it’s truth - and that in itself is priceless.
if you can answer the riddle, then it is not…


I absolutely love this game (probably because I didn’t play TSW and only came with the relaunch) and have been a patron since week one of joining. The story is great, the characters are some of the most memorable ones I’ve ever seen in an MMO and the community and devs are really nice.

I’d be happy to keep supporting this game in any way, shape or form and I also have a lot of patience so I’m okay with waiting a literal year for a story update.

What bothers me though is the complete lack of any communication on the state and future of the game. I don’t need a complete roadmap or anything big, I’d be happy with literally ANYTHING. Just one 4 sentence statement about things that are planned or whatever and I will happily keep pumping money into SWL.

But the past few weeks I’ve been seriously considering stopping support (patron and other forms) because I don’t know where the game is headed and if there will ever be any updates. It’s just getting frustrating. Again, I don’t need a novel on future plans just SOME communication.

Throw us a few bread crumbs, PLEASE. :frowning:


Just as I posted my reply on the CS clarification thread, I read THIS. Couldn’t agree more.

I know that many people still don’t find the decline in steam numbers worrying. The last poll I saw on reddit there was pretty much a split of 200 something steam users and 200 something FC client users. Unless I’m absolutely dumb, the steam decline is an indicator for me that we will see a TSW ending here as well. In contrast, by sheer numbers, Conan exiles is doing way better so maybe that’s a more appealing fishing ground.

But again, there is always lots of room for speculations when there is no communication. Too bad that a lot of us remember the day when it was finally revealed that SWL will come and the 6 month or so silence before was because they weren’t allowed to tell us.

I just hope that IF SWL will meet TSW’s fate, someone will present us the rest of the story in some way, shape or form.


I reckon they’re probably still working on content for the game, though I do think they’re working with a skeletal crew. For all the mixed response that the April 1st update got, it was a content update, that included a new map (Rosenbrawl), and two repurposed ones (Tunnel and Kyastle). Now, either the staff working on the game worked solely for a while to provide those, or they were side-projects; the way I see it, it’d be far wiser to release new story-related content as your main effort rather than sideline stuff.

When it comes to Steamcharts, yes, they show that the numbers of concurrent players are dwindling. On Steam only, so everything else is conjecture. I, for one, log in more when new content has been released, so I will take a leap of faith and presume that others do the same - in which case, I can (possibly incorrectly) surmise that other players are waiting for more content. What we have absolutely zero data for is whether or not Funcom are making more or less money from it, though. Their monthly income from the game isn’t determined by Steamcharts, but on how much money people trade with them.

Another reason many of us have worried recently was that some staff left. Around Halloween, a community-involved dev (Tron) vanished, then a while after his brother (Basco) announced his departure, and a few months ago now an environmental artist (Mospheric) found himself jobless. With the limited information available to us, it’s easy to assume that the floodgates have collapsed and the end is nigh, but at the same time we have a slow but steady stream of content updates (most recently being the April 1st update, patched April 8th) and Odonoptera (aka Andy), one of the community managers, recently said on Discord that the story writer (Scrivnomancer) had been showing new staff around the office. Also in a recent stream, Odonoptera said they were considering what to add for this year’s anniversary event - they aren’t doing that for TSW, which is in maintenance mode.

So, while I agree I would love to have more info on what the future of the game might vaguely look like, I think that it’s too early to start abandoning all hope quite yet.


I genuinely cannot understand this seemingly incredibly popular impulse to hang around the forums of a game you constantly swear is dead, wailing and rending your clothes. Move on if you’re not happy - if this is what you’re like when a game goes six weeks without a patch, how are you going to cope when somebody dies? :v:


The OP’s last post was 5 months ago. I would hardly call that hanging around the forums
You on the other hand… :v:
hold the record out of those in this thread so far for “hanging around the forums”
How are you going to cope when the game dies?
Talk about intelligent input darling, why don’t you just have another beer then…

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Really? lol

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Well,I would silence if I am not happy and just want do venting…
And I would speak when I have something helpful with a good willing to help to say.
Thats all,I would with complainers that want the game become better ,but never with complainers that just want complain.

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I bettter prefer having another mont of transition of Funcm selling the game to arenanet, blizzard or other big game studio rather than maintenance mode. They are wasting resources and money, its better for them focusing on Mutant and Conan ips than letting dye again forever TSWL. Other studios are steuggling for a big chance and this game has attracted manh people, with a little adjustments and adding the missing stuff we can see a new big wave of players and I prefer having 10 story o action/sabotage/investigation mission per month o per two months with regular updates, like Tokyo.
If they sell now with others we can have the second batch of SA missions by June or July. Then at August or September have a first zone of Congo wifh at least 5 missions from three characters, then October/November entering the jungle zone with mire story and side stories all plus chAmpions and new Halloween mechanics with extension of events in SA zone like Krampus. If they don’t want to work on the game, sell it, remember those good days while they were starting and earn a little profit for Conan exiles or Mutant.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Change.org, maybe they hear us with lots of signs. Selling the game of giving more resources to it.

We appreciate the info and the hopes, but they still cant feed a wide and stronger united community every 5 months. Because the game dies from starving. At least short issues like in old TSW can save this between big zones/storyline releases as they give content, variety, characters, weapons and outfits with actual free model key.

Well,I wont suggest anything that I dont have enough info/knowledge into it o just imposible.Imo saling a game to mayor studios may provocate many issues,copyright/mayor studios prefer investigate into their own yet-existing mmo based on their own yet-existing world setting rather than into swl/etc. Mayor studio imo just wont even interest into this and the game code is enough old to be unimproveable in case of catch today´s average grafic level.I think the most posible way that could change the situation is that funcom investigate more into seasonal event,which requieres minimal resource and Manpower,and can bring mayor efficiency both on atract players and microtransaction.I myself ont care about through hundreds even thousands euros to buy seasonal stuff/cosmetic.The potential income generating from seasonal events and the potential resource needed to make those events are many level superior than to investigat into mainstory(expensive,if you want cut cost you make bad storyline like africa,and even you spent much to make good one there are ppl done all misiones in 1 day and get bored,story in efficiency point of view is the worst).Along side of this they can improve the game stability—because if you are new player and you get 2 crash in a role when you come back you lost all your stats and when you relog you get deserter,you probably just delete the game,and bring back the already existing raids from tsw(If bring old ones not cost the same o even more work than just make some more new).

Given that moons of madness uses the secret world IP, I think Funcom would want a fair bit of cash if they were looking to sell the game.
With TSW/SWL’s performance in terms of sales, I doubt any other studio would be particularly interested in paying well for it - it’s not like there’s an audience of millions (or even thousands) who would be there to help ensure future profits.

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This game (the original TSW) had one of the best storylines of any MMORPG and even Solo RPG I have ever played. Funcom in general has great ideas about the lore of a game (TSW, Age of Conan,…) But for some reason they just dont finish games before release. SWL even today with a bit love from the developers and some marketing could beat any asian anime Black Desert-Final Fantasy crap out there.

I love this game. But to be honest, I dont think this game will get anything new. They gave it up just like they did with Age of Conan. Sorry Funcom. I bought Conan Exiles to support you guys. But I wont buy the Dune survival game and I wont buy Conan Unconquered. I will buy again a TSW 2 or an Age of Conan 2.

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Ah, Mr Pilchenstein. To be honest, you had been expected to drop in rather sooner, but here you are again, regular as clockwork. Nice to see that like death and taxes, you can always be counted on.

I will happily take a few seconds of your precious time (and mine, of course) to remark on what has been pointed out to you innumerable times, namely that commenting upon the deficiencies of a product implies not hostility, but concern. Did I not care what happens to the Secret World, I would hardly bother posting anything.


This game died a year ago…they are jsut keeping it on lifesupport to suck out the last few $$…

Sad…the original game was brillliant :confused:

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